Dermaflash beauty tool

This luxury beauty device will give you a glowing and hairless complexion

Instantly remove facial hair without pain and struggle

One beauty tool can make the difference when it comes to a flawless complexion. That’s why some celebrities like Lizzo and Cardi B swear by an instant facial remover device that eliminates hair painlessly. Dermaflash is an at-home anti-aging and exfoliation tool that instantly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris and pesky peach fuzz. This luxury tool has a price tag of $199 but the results fast and effective. Dermaflash evolved from the popular dermaplaning treatment that owner Dara Levy featured in her luxury MedSpa in Chicago. Aside from removing tiny hair, this beauty tool is considered the magic wand of beauty devices for a smoother and radiant complexion.

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Dermaflash instantly removes dead skin cells

While some women cannot afford a beauty treatment, this tool is similar to getting a dermaplaning. This treatment has risen in popularity because besides removing peach fuzz it leaves the skin like a baby. According to experts, 76% of Dermaflash users saw a reduction in wrinkles after using the device for thirty days. If you want a red-carpet-ready complexion, this is the product you would want to invest in. But like any high-tech device, you need to follow some steps to achieve the best results. Dermaflash works best when used with the Preflash cleanser and Postflash moisturizer.

First, massage your face with the cleanser and rinse before proceeding with the Dermaflash tool. You can use the tool on your entire face but avoid sensitive area such as lips, nose and eyelids. Hold your skin taut with the opposite hand and place it at an angle with feathery strokes.

best facial hair removal©@dermaflash
Dermaflash leaves a smooth complexion for better makeup application

Dermaflash’s sonic edge technology removes the oldest layers of dead skin cells and restore the skin. You can use the device once a week and after each treatment, apply the Postflash moisturizer to hydrate and balance the skin. “The skin you want is lying just beneath the skin you see,” mentions Dara. This revolutionary tool not only will save you bucks at the spa but will leave your skin looking younger.

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