what are menstrual cups

What are menstrual cups? The plastic-free feminine product that will save the planet

The sustainable product that will save the Earth and best alternative to tampons

Menstrual cups are not just trending in 2020 but becoming an eco-friendly solution during that time of the month for women. In India, many women are allied with the silicone product and more are turning to the eco-friendly device to put an end to period leaking. Menstrual cups are a funnel-shaped feminine-hygiene device that is inserted into a women’s vagina during menstruation. Aside from their sustainable features, menstrual cups help reduce the period waste from our landfills and oceans while sanitary pads can be made up of 90% plastic and one pack can be the equivalent of four plastic grocery bags worth of plastic. Even if you use an organic tampon, it can take around 5 years to decompose and about 500 years for plastic applicators.

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Menstrual cups are a sustainable alternative and eco-friendly hygiene device

Many women are switching to this zero-waste choice because it is reusable and they can never run out of pads or tampons. In addition, period trash has a further impact on the environment. The Ocean Conservancy reported collecting 27,938 used tampons and applicators on global beaches on one day in 2015. Hence, the increase of use in menstrual cups. While more are jumping on the menstrual cup wagon, some are hesitant to quit on tampons. Whether you are familiar with menstrual cups or have issues using the devices, Lunette has shared nine different folds you can try to insert the cup. From C-shaped folds to S-shaped, the Lunette menstrual cup is designed to avoid leaking and provide comfort.

Like every new product, using a menstrual cup is a learning curve. One of the most comfortable positions to insert the menstrual cup is squatting and separating your feet three inches. Since every vaginal cavity is shaped differently, some women cut the stem short so it doesn’t stick out. You can also apply water-based lube to the rim of the cup for easier insertion. After each use, menstrual cups should be washed and cleaned. You should be able to use the silicon device between six to twelve hours depending on your flow. In average, a person disposes of about 300 lb. of period trash in their lifetime making the menstrual cup the best conscious solution during menstruation. It is time to save the environment and say sayonara once and for all to plastic.

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