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Jackie Cruz reveals the biggest beauty lesson she has learned

The makeup guru opens up about her beauty secrets and morning wellness routine

Before Jackie Cruz became an actress, singer and makeup guru there were a lot of trials and tribulations along the way. But despite her near-death experience and hurdles, the Dominican actress and singer had learned a slew of beauty tips she swears by and shared with HOLA! USA. From her live workout routines to her fun conversation with Anthony Ramos on her YouTube channel Live with Jackie, she is revolutionizing the way Latinx community is perceived on TV. From a balanced morning routine to a homemade hair recipe, here are Jackie’s inspirational beauty regime we can all consider.

Jackie Cruz on a beach©@JackieCruz
Jackie likes to kick start her mornings with a vegan smoothie

Morning Wellness Routine

In the morning, Jackie follows a simple routine that includes a vegan smoothie, meditation and prayer. The Orange is the New Black starts her day early and focuses on wellness before anything else, “I wake up at 7:30 AM with no alarm. My body has been doing that for at least the last eight months and I drink a banana shake every morning,” shared Jackie. Her breakfast meal includes two bananas, water, and ice and after a healthy sip, she goes to her backyard for a meditation session and a lean body routine from MelissaWood Health for 15 minutes. She also takes time to practice gratitude “towards what God has provided for me throughout this time.”

Skincare Holy Grails

The singer’s go-to skincare line for her nighttime routine is Retrouve. Jackie uses an eye concentrate skin hydrator to enrich her skin. In addition, she puts coconut oil all over her hair and body at night to moisturize her skin. “My holy grails for skin are eating fruit most of the day, coconut oil and adding sea moss to my shakes that I get from natural organics in the mail.”

Jackie Cruz vacation©@jackiecrus
The OITNB star swears by coconut oil

Hair miracle mask

Though Jackie is now a superstar, she still relies on beauty tips she learned in rural areas from the Dominican Republic. The 33-year-old singer swears by a Dominican hair recipe to protect her mane from the sun, “I mix avocado, mayo and a little of egg white and then put it on for an hour once every two weeks. It really works!!”

Supporter of Selena MAC Collection

Though Jackie doesn’t wear much makeup, she likes to add some pizzazz to her complexion. She uses Go Big or Go Home mascara and liner from KVD Vegan Beauty. Jackie is also a big fan of Selena Quintanilla and recently fell in love with MAC x Selena La Reina collection, “the shiny gold lipgloss and lip liner is to die for. It was a gift from Selena’s sister, Suzzette.”