Hyperpigmenation skincare treatment
Brighter Days

Clean beauty products to reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation

Protect your melanin and target anti-aging concerns while taking care of planet Earth

If you’ve ever dealt with hyperpigmentation, chances are it‘s been a scarring experience both physically and emotionally. The common skincare concern is often caused by sun damage, inflammation, genetic melasma, or acne scars. Unfortunately, those pesky dark spots caused by inflammation leave our melanin with unwanted rough patches. The process of nursing your complexion back to health can be overwhelming with the numerous products on the market. With more women practicing conscious beauty choices, now more than ever it’s important to look at ingredients within products. Hence why we’re leaning towards clean beauty brands like Codex Beauty, that target our major skincare concerns and care for the planet. When Codex founder, Barb Paldus, PhD, entered the beauty arena in 2018, she was shocked by the lack of regulation, and set out to make a change to the industry. Her background in biotech and green technology in skincare are the future of green beauty.

Woman with cream on face©Codex Beauty
Treat dark spots and sun damage with these clean beauty products

Understanding the need for safe and effective items that target hyperpigmentation, Dr. Paldus crafted a skincare routine that’ll focus on dark spots, age spots and sun damage. Keep reading to find out how to treat your complexion with a special skincare regime.

Codex Beauty Bia Day Cream©Codex Beauty
Codex Beauty Bia Day Cream, $70, codexbeauty.com

First, mix a hydrating cream like Codex Beauty Bia Day Cream, $70 with any Vitamin C powder. The day cream contains an ingredient called calendula which both hydrates and makes your skin smooth. Plus, Vitamin C brightens skin tone as well as serves as an anti-aging ingredient. Those two mixed together make for a powerful skin brightening recipe that battles hyperpigmentation.

Codex Beauty Exfoliating Wash©Codex Beauty
Codex Beauty Exfoliating Wash, $45, codexbeauty.com

Another product worth investing in isCodex Beauty Exfoliating Wash, $45. It is so effective at accelerating skin regeneration, and improves ability for other skin care products to penetrate. As such, after using the wash, the brand recommends applying Codex Beauty Bia Facial Oil, $90. This face oil contains Prickly Pear, which has 150% more Vitamin E than argan oil. Vitamin C evens the appearance of your skin and is famous for fading scar tissue. Furthermore, the antioxidant power of Prickly Pear increases cell renewal. These two products combined form a powerful “green beauty” hyperpigmentation treatment.

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