Karol G

Karol G shares the secrets behind her perfect makeup looks

The singer’s beauty routine gives priority to her skin, but it places even more importance on self-acceptance

Karol G is the name on everyone’s lips. Ever since Tusa with Nicki Minaj became a hit worldwide, the singer has sparked public interest for not just her amazing artistic talent and being one half of Latinx power couple with fiancé Anuel AA but also for her her style and beauty looks. While her outfits definitely stand out thanks to an urban feel that incorporates vibrant colors and glitter, when it comes to beauty, one of this artist’s trademarks is her natural makeup. The Colombian singer is all about radiant skin, and thankfully she hasn’t hesitated to share her secret with her followers.

Karol G at the premiere of The Addams Family©GettyImages
The Colombian singer is a role model for many women, thanks to her eye-catching style and her beauty looks

Accepting herself

Karol G admits that she struggled to live up to the beauty standards imposed by society for a long time. But she eventually came to understand that it’s enough to be herself.

That doesn’t mean that she never feels insecure these days, as she said in an interview with The Beauty Effect. Every day, she looks in the mirror and reminds herself that “variety is the spice of life” – she should love herself for who she is.

A selfie by Karol G on social media©@karolg
For her, the most important thing is to accept yourself for who you are and accept that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Of course, accepting yourself doesn’t mean not always trying to be your best self. One of this singer’s priorities is to keep her face flawless, and she sees skincare as a lifelong priority. So, Karol G opts to use specific creams that are right for her skin type and keep the most delicate areas –like the contour of the eye– completely moisturized. “Besides,” she told The Beauty Effect, “I take really good care of my hands and neckline, because that’s where you can really notice a woman’s age.”

Karol G with a smoky eye look©GettyImages
Taking care of her skin is the most important part of her beauty routine. Her make-up is always simple and uses earth tones

Make-up tips

When it comes to make-up, Karol prefers to do it herself since she’s never felt comfortable with makeup artists. That’s why she decided to learn to do it professionally, to be able to use the style she feels most comfortable with.

The singer uses two tricks to make her make-up last longer. Firstly, before starting her routine, she wraps an ice cube in a piece of cloth and presses it on her cheeks, forehead and nose, something she says helps her makeup stay put even if she sweats. Secondly, when doing her eye shadow, she moistens the brush with water before applying it, to get longer-lasting results.

Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay©Sephora
The Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay is an essential item in her cosmetics bag

Beauty must-haves

Karol G’s cosmetics bag is never without mascara and a tube of pink lipstick, and for her eyes she uses the Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay ($54, Sephora.com). Its warm nudes and earth tones go perfectly with practically any skin tone, and it lasts all day, too.

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