Dascha Polanco has platinum blonde hair

Dascha Polanco is unrecognizable with platinum blonde hair and she looks fierce!

The Dominican actress shares her new look during her Brown Love podcast

Dascha Polanco is starting a new season of her Brown Love podcast with a new look. The In the Heights actress showed off her platinum blonde bob style for her recent episode of season two with drag superstar and actor Valentina. Not only does she look fierce with her blonde wig but also exotic. In the episode, the Dominican actress explores the meaning of gender, culture and embracing femininity. “Valentina was throwing out 💎GEMS💎 honey, she told some stories and I could listen to her for days!” Dascha wrote on Instagram.

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Dascha is known to switch up her natural brunette locks

As Brown Love kicks off a new season, the 37-year-old actress delves into different topics including Valentina’s career, La Casa de las Flores, spirituality, fajas, quarantine and more. The main topic focuses on raising awareness about non-binary gender and what it means to embrace femininity in today’s zeitgeist. “Thanks for being an amazing and talented Latina in the industry and inviting me to share this moment with you. Also thanks to @contodonetflix for creating a show that highlights the work of fellow Latinx people in the industry we appreciate this 👏🏽,” shared Valentina on her video post.

Besides bringing together the Latinx community and getting real on multicultural topics, Dascha is all about spreading self-love messages and demystifying the meaning of Afro-Latinidad, gender roles and multicultural experiences.

Every Tuesday, the actress will release a new episode where she joins the conversation with Latino creators. The mom-of-two is also keeping her time at-home busy with yoga with her new exercise tool called FeetUp trainer, practicing dance challenges on TikTok and preparing homemade meals such as pasta carbonara. Dascha is definitely upping up the ante with her social media and giving us a sneak peek into her daily routine.