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Camila McConaughey details her simple nightime skincare routine - try it yourself

The Brazil-born model reveals her step by step beauty regime for the perfect skin glow

Camila McConaughey is known for her undisputable natural beauty and exotic looks. The wife of Matthew McConaughey is a designer, model, actress and writer who likes to inspire women on her website Women of Today. Besides building a positive community, Camila shared her expertise in beauty, fashion, favorite recipes, home and more. In a recent interview the Brazilian-American model revealed her skincare routine with proven health tips that will leverage your natural beauty. Read below to learn about her amazing skincare practices and simple routine.

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The 38-year-old model uses oil to remove her makeup


To start, the Brazilian-model uses a few drops of Shirley Page’s Organic Oil all over her face to remove her makeup. “Really there’s no trick to this besides massaging it into your face. Massage it really good,” she said, before demonstrating how she uses one of Erase Your Face’s Makeup Removing Cloths to wipe away the product. “These (cloths) are awesome, they’re called Erase Your Face, they’re very cheap, you can find them very easily. You put hot water onto this and it’s very gentle in your face.”


Camila uses Mila Moursi’s Cleansing Milk to cleanse her face followed by a home-recipe exfoliating mask using ingredients from her kitchen cupboard. “To exfoliate, I’m going to put something together that everybody has at home. I’m using honey and confectioners’ sugar, which is really, really fine and gentle on your skin. If you don’t have any problems with discoloration of your skin you can also add a couple of drops of lemon juice. That helps with brightening your skin quite a lot,” the model mentioned.

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For a smooth skin, the mother-of-three uses Sisal’s Bath Brush to brush her body several times a week. “You have lymph nodes all over your body. And you need to activate them so you can help your drainage and lose the excessive water you hold throughout the day, work, travel, all the things you do in your life.”


After massaging her face, Camila uses Shirley Page true lavender oil to control any acne breakout. “I do a massage. It helps you relax your frowning expressions. I don’t use a lot of oil. It’s just a little bit.”

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