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Hailey Bieber revealed her top 5 beauty secrets for sensitive and acne prone skin – and they’re pretty surprising

Justin Bieber’s model wife uses unusual remedies like diaper cream and Manuka honey as part of her skincare routine

Model Hailey Bieber always seems to look perfect, whether she’s out and about showing off her street style looks, or co-starring in hilarious Tik Toks with her husband Justin Bieber. But it turns out that even Alec Baldwin’s stunning niece finds herself battling some skincare demons, whether coping with sensitive skin or treating acne breakouts. In an Instagram Q&A session with her 26.5 million followers, she answered fans’ questions about just about everything! But what piqued our interest were her unusual facial skincare tips, which include everything from diaper rash cream to honey.

1) Use a gentle DIY mask

To brighten your skin, Hailey recommends an easy mask that you can make with items you already have in your kitchen. “This is going to sound crazy but I promise you it helps,” she told fans. “Take an egg, crack it into a bowl, add a little bit of honey, mix it together and put it on your face till it’s dry and wash off.”

2) Try baby products as beauty remedies

We’ve heard of using baby oil as makeup remover, and baby shampoo to wash our makeup brushes but Hailey has a recommendation on how to use for another baby product you can find at any drugstore. “I’ve always been a fan of diaper rash cream for pimples!” she said. “I swear by it.”

Hailey Bieber no makeup©haileybieber
Gorgeous Hailey uses unexpected products like Manuka honey and diaper rash cream in her beauty regimen

3) Coconut oil is great - but not for an acne-prone face

Many celebrities are huge fans of coconut oil, but Hailey isn’t a fan of using it it on her face when she has a breakout. “Coconut oil is said to be antibacterial but I personally never put anything oily on a pimple or breakout,” Hailey revealed, noting that she doesn’t use the celebrity favorite on her face. “I stick to more drying products that have ingredients like tea tree or a medicated spot treatment.”

4) Use Manuka honey to soothe irritation.

Made by bees Down Under, the sweet kitchen staple has medicinal purposes, too, because it has antibacterial qualities. “Manuka honey is great for burns and cuts,” said Hailey.

5) Don’t apply products directly to dry skin.

Because Hailey’s skin is “super sensitive” she takes great care to prevent rubbing or pulling the skin on her face. “Putting products on when your face is a little damp or moist helps for the products to soak in better,” she advised.

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