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Get more beautiful as you sleep with Millie Bobby Brown’s 4-step nighttime skincare routine

The Stranger Things star shares her nighttime beauty regime which uses products from her own brand, Florence by Mills

Millie Bobby Brown is still a teenager, but she already knows that prevention is the key to maintaining healthy-looking skin for years to come. The Stranger Things star has already developed a favorite beauty routine to protect her skin against premature aging (and even has her own skincare line, Florence by Mills, named after her great-grandmother.)

Our skin regenerates and heals itself from all the harm it was subjected to during the day while we sleep, so that’s why Millie’s 4-step nighttime skincare regime that she shared with her 32 million followers is perfect to try if you want to maintain a gorgeous visage.

Millie Bobby Brown putting on a mask©@milliebobbybrown
Millie uses a calming mask from her own cosmetics line

The young star published a video on her Instagram where she’s seen along with her sister-in-law Rachel, and shares the step-by-step of her special routine:

Step 1: The face mask – calming or clarifying

When you have your own cosmetics line, you’d better trust in your own products! Being the good ambassador that she is, the star uses products from her brand Florence by Mills in her nighttime routine. (If you don’t have Milly’s exact products handy, you can of course use other products with similar properties.)

The first step is to use the Better Together Peel Off Mask Duo ($13.20), a pair of shimmering peel-off masks. Millie went with the calming one (pink) and applied it to her entire face (avoiding the eye area); while Rachel used the clarifying one (purple). They both left the masks on for 30 minutes to work their magic.

Step 2: Hydration

After removing the mask, the actress applies a hydrating moisturizer. She used the Dreamy Dew Moisturizer ($14) which contains two types of lotus flower extracts and vitamin B12 to calm the skin, and willow bark to keep it smooth.

Millie Bobby Brown applying lip oil©@milliebobbybrown
The Stranger Things star never forgets to moisturize her lips

Step 3: Lip treatment

In addition to the neck and decolletage, there’s another area that is often forgotten when it comes to pampering your skin. The lips, just like the rest of the face, should be exfoliated and hydrated as well. Even at her young age, Millie knows this well, so her next step is to apply a lip balm, specifically the Glow Yeah Lip Oil ($14) which contains African mango butter and paracress, two natural ingredients that will provide deep hydration and the perfect touch of shine.

Millie Bobby Brown applying a moisturizing mist©@milliebobbybrown
The star gives her face a spritz of calming moisture

Step 4: The face mist

Finally, Milly mists her face with the Zero Chill Face Mist ($16), a botanical spray infused with rose and lavender that work together, providing the skin with instant moisture in just one spritz. It also has a soothing effect, since the formula contains seaweed and thyme extract.

And with this refreshing mist, Millie concludes her nighttime self-care ritual. Remember that it’s never too late to start pampering your skin and you can try using other products with similar formulas for a restorative effect.

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