best organic beach skincare
Booty care

The all-natural après-beach skincare line that will give your booty extra care this summer

Miami Beach Bum is the skincare line that will protect your butt, body and face.

With so many skincare products in the market, it is unusual to hear about one that specializes in butt acne. Thankfully, there is one and is the ultra organic formula that will make you rethink your spring clean task. The Miami Beach Bum is a skincare line created by Ayssa Di Pietro with a purpose in mind - to clear out blemishes and smooth the derrière. As a marine scientist and water management expert at the Miami Beach planning board, Ayssa blends science and beauty together to create a formula that is eco-conscious with all-natural, plant ingredients.

best organic beach product©The Miami Beach Bum
The Miami Beach Bum’s main ingredient is oregano which helps eliminating bacteria

After trying every product in the beauty market, Ayssa created a formula with oregano, jojoba, pearl and shea butter that helps eliminate bacteria which causes irritation while wearing bathing suits. Oregano was the answer to this conundrum. This natural ingredient paired with aloe kills overgrown yeast, fungus and bacteria which causes skin issues such as dullness to folliculitis blemishes. “Most beauty products are 98% water, so you are not really giving your skin any nourishment.” shares Ayssa with HOLA! USA. Ayssa has refused to use petroleum by-products or chemical fragrances in her body creams besides the natural fragrance.“The beauty industry and the oil industry have been tightly connected,” adds Ayssa which is important to notice while buying products that claim to be organic. “Our products have a scent but are directly from the plant ingredient we are putting in the formula.”

Besides providing booty care, The Miami Beach Bum offers a cream that helps reducing acne psoriasis, eczema and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Though the brand is focused on beachgoers, this is a daily skincare you can use in the morning and evening, especially as a smooth-solution for razor burns.

best organic beach skincare©Ayssa Pietro
Ayssa Di Pietro created an organic skincare line especially for the beach

“We don’t recommend that people put this in their beach bag and take it to the beach,” says the beauty entrepreneur in which the formulation can be affected due to the heat. “Skincare should be kept at 78 degrees,” mentions Ayssa. The Miami Beach Bum will release three new beauty products including hydrating face cream, a leave-in hair conditioner to protect your hair from chlorine and a natural bug spray sunflower mixed with different herbs and plants. In addition to adding natural products, the brand’s packaging is made from post-consumer waste. From production to treatment, this skincare brand is giving our future summer days more excitement and extra care to our booty.

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