Close-up selfie of Kourtney Kardashian with shiny hair

Try Kourtney Kardashian’s homemade secret tip for shiny hair

This entrepreneur applies a conditioning hair mask that is based on natural products to add shine and hydration

Do you want shiny, hydrated hair? Kourtney Kardashian has the answer. Along with her stylist, she created an ideal hair mask to achieve this, and the ingredients are in your kitchen. Yes, you read right, they’re already in your kitchen! Andrew Fitzsimons has revealed the celebrity’s secret for having silky hair that is full of life: a natural mask that you can prepare in the comfort of your own home, reaping the benefits of the properties of its ingredients.

Close-up photo of Kourtney Kardashian©@andrewfitzsimons
It’s recommended that you apply this kind of mask at least once every 15 days in order to see results

The hair stylist is in charge of making sure the famous entrepreneur is always looking fabulous. On the Poosh site, the Kardashian’s stylist makes a balm from honey, olive oil, lemon juice, and avocado, ingredient star, avocado.

Avocado is the perfect ingredient for conditioning hair, since it provides vitamin E and antioxidants. In addition, it protects and repairs the heat damage caused by hair dryers, irons, and curlers and helps control split ends, hydrating the hair fibers for a silky finish.

But if you’re not a fan of preparing homemade recipes, no problem! There’s a wide variety of avocado-based products that will bring your hair back to life, making it shiny and healthy again. Here are some options that might help you decide:

Hair mask with avocado from Garnier©Garnier
It’s important to apply these masks every so often to keep your hair shiny and soft over the long term

The Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract from Garnier Fructis ($7.99) is the perfect product to get the result we’re looking for, hair just like Kourt’s. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the beauty secret she revealed, it’s that natural products always play an essential role in achieving healthy hair. This hair mask is 98% natural, as it doesn’t contain parabens, silicone, or artificial coloring. This makes its properties much like those of its star ingredient: avocado extract.

This product is perfect for bringing back the natural gloss and softness to your hair, counteracting not just the use of hair irons, but also the damage caused by external agents such as the sun and pollution.

Avocado mask from John Frieda©Ulta
Avocado is considered a natural fat, so hair can absorb all of those nutrients and go from being dry to smooth in minutes

Do you need an emergency recovery session? The Wonder Drops-Frizz Smoothing Hair Mask from John Frieda ($2.99) is ideal for this. Based on avocado extract, this packet contains a mask that promises to hydrate and smooth hair in minutes, with just one application.

In addition, it promises to help control frizz and strengthen hair thanks to the milk protein it contains. Without a doubt, it’s a great option to use after a day at the beach or after your hair has been exposed to the sun for a long time.

Avocado Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask from Health and Beauty©Dead Sea Shop
This hair mask ensures protection and repair, even when faced with climate change

Aloe Vera is widely recognized in the beauty world as a super-effective natural moisturizer. Now, imagine what effect it will have on your hair if we combine it with avocado. The Avocado Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask from Health & Beauty ($24.90) comes with this powerful combination that is guaranteed to leave your hair glossy and soft. It also has vitamins A, B5, and E, which will breathe life back into your locks, completely repairing it for a healthy appearance.