Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland opens up about mental health struggles

The model/actress launched a new series inspired by her diagnosis

Ireland Baldwin is using her time in quarantine to open up about her mental health. Alec Baldwin’s 24-year-old daughter took to social media to open up about how her own mental health issues has inspired a daily series. “I have severe anxiety disorder,” she candidly told the camera. “I noticed that the past few nights, my anxiety has been getting worse at night and it kind of hit me last night.”

Ireland Baldwin talks mental health©@irelandbaldwinbasinger
Ireland Baldwin opened up about her severe anxiety

Ireland added that tried to do several things such as reading, exploring the internet and breathing exercises but none worked. Instead, she decided to use her platform to reach out to others and seek guidance and support.

“I thought it would be cool if we all could come together and discussed these issues that we all deal with,” she said. “Maybe something that works for one person would work for another set of people who never thought to try that.” During the live sessions, the model will chat with followers, friends and strangers who are dealing with mental health issues. The actress also plans on using the time to educate herself on other mental health issues.

Ireland Baldwin, Instagram series©@irelandbaldwinbasinger
The 24-year-old was inspired to launch a live social media series

Ahead of her first live show, Ireland shared that she had already received some “unique and exciting submissions.” Ireland has used her social media platform to bring light to issues. In 2015, she revealed that she had to “relearn how to be present,” following suffering “emotional trauma.” The model has also opened up about overcoming an eating disorder.

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