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Kim Kardashian‘s hairstylist teaches us how to create heatless waves using stockings

Celebrity stylist reveals an easy trick to get beach waves without a curling iron

You can wake up like Kim Kardashian’s hair with a simple beauty trick from celebrity stylist, Justine Marjan. With so many companies touting customers to purchase unnecessary hair products, this inexpensive solution will give you bouncy waves overnight. Justine, who is also Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist shares an easy way to get wavy hair, “Been doing this to my hair the past couple nights and I love the way it turns out! You just need an old pair of tights or stockings and damp hair. I love this technique because it creates more of a loose curl in the hair as opposed to a crimped effect like regular braids.”

The hairstylist shared her heatless wave technique on social media with a simple solution - stockings. The method is really easy and efficient. First, you divide your hair into two sections and clip the stocking on top of your head to prevent the legs from falling. After, create three strand hair braids and secure the ties with a hair tie or stocking. Let it air-dry during the night and once you wake up after your beauty sleep, unravel the braids with your hands for a mermaid hair effect. “Still can’t believe these curls were created without any heat!!”, shares the celebrity stylist.

how to get heat free waves©@justinemarjan

This easy beauty hack can last up to three days and is great to control the frizz. Also, if you work from home you can easily do this until the end of the day. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this technique works for most hair textures and gives your hair a much-needed break from the heat of blow dryers and curling irons. In addition, your hair will have a natural and healthy look after several times using this hairstyle. No stockings? You can also use a scarf to make your braids. “I did it with a silk scarf on my page and it’s day four and still perfect hair. 💕🤘🏻” shared one of Justine’s fans on her video.

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