Kylie Jenner with tan lipstick and her hair down

Kylie Jenner's 3-step secret to making her lips look fuller in less than a minute

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner demonstrated how to instantly pump up the volume of your lips

Kylie Jennerhas made beauty her business, and is so successful she’s the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. The 22-year-old’s Kylie Lip Kits are famous – and so are her own lips, which fans and followers try to emulate. The young beauty emphasizes her mouth as one of her most eye-catching features, so each of her beauty looks pays special attention to her lips. Kendall Jenner’s little sister doesn’t limit her lip color palette, and we’ve seen her rock everything from the perfect nude lip to the most colorful shades from her bestselling brand.

This beauty mogul knows how to create the perfect pout in under a minute, using a limited selection of key products and three very simple tricks that she has shared with her millions of followers on social media. Yes, now we can all get the Kylie look without the help of pro makeup artists in the comfort of our own home!

Kylie Jenner shows off her baby hairs©@kyliejenner
The beauty expert in a flirty pose flaunting colorful makeup and perfectly lined lips

Step 1: Liner for definition
The first key to perfect, fuller-looking lips is making sure you have a great liner. Kylie uses a subtle pink-mauve lip pencil to line her lips with simple strokes, emphasizing both the cupid's bow and the middle of her bottom lip. Creating the line just on the edge and slightly outside your natural lip line helps make them look bigger without concealing their natural shape.

Kylie Jenner in tan lipstick©Instagram
Liquid lipstick is the ideal product for giving the lips a rich texture and making them look fuller

Step 2: Liquid lipstick for volume
The entrepreneur and founder of Kylie Cosmetics immediately puts on a layer of mauve liquid lipstick without going outside the lines she had drawn seconds before, starting right in the middle of her upper lip and moving out towards the corners, and then on the lower lip. Not only is a pinkish hue ideal for both everyday use and for going out, it also allows her to add volume and texture.

Kylie Jenner with tan lips wearing a black dress©@kyliejenner
The star emphasizes her lips so they are the focal point of her beauty look

Step 3: Clear gloss for depth and shine
After defining and coloring, Kylie’s last beauty trick for fuller lips is gloss. Use a clear or light gloss – Kylie prefers her brand's Crystal High Gloss – and apply at least two coats from the center to the corners. Do exactly as the influencer does and press your lips together after applying to blend. Retouch if you see an uneven area.

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