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Kim Kardashian’s 3 basic diet rules to control her weight

Find out what the reality star and beauty mogul does to keep fit

Kim Kardashian is a role model for millions of people around the world, and everything she wears or recommends seems to become a trend. Are you bold enough to try her diet plan to control your weight? Thanks to nutrition specialist Colette Heimowitz—Kim's nutritionist and lifestyle coach—we now know that the entrepreneur follows three basic rules for every meal.

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Kim Kardashian learned to follow these rules in order to keep her weight under control.

Here are the three healthy tips to follow to control your weight:

1. Eat the right amount of protein. If you eat lean protein, you'll feel satisfied for a lot longer.

2. Incorporate healthy fats. Some people are under the impression that they have to eliminate all fats from their diet in order to lose weight. But it actually turns out that healthy fats are necessary for a balanced diet, because they give you energy and allow the body to regulate hormones and other chemicals. The right thing to do is to go for so-called “good” fats found in fish, eggs, olive oil, avocado, etc.

3. Eat carbohydrates with lots of fiber. Herein lies the key to success when it comes to eating a balanced diet to achieve your weight goal. Sugar intake must be kept below 5 grams per serving and net carbs should be no more than 15 grams per dish.

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Kim is very disciplined when it comes to following these strict dieting rules

Sugar free?

Colette Heimowitz, creator of the weight loss method called “The Sugar Gap,” told Elite Daily about the discipline required to follow these three guidelines that Kim follows religiously. It's important to first determine whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain your weight and that you understand the impact that each food type will have.

The nutritionist explained that, “The body is only built to circulate the equivalent of about 1-2 teaspoons at a time . . . but if you're constantly drinking sugar and eating carbs that turn to sugar in your body, you're wearing down your sugar metabolism over time... and a lot of that excess sugar converts to fat, and that's how you gain all your weight.”

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Carbs should be present in your diet, but you need to be selective when it comes to quality and quantity

The expert added that eating a bagel is like eating 12 tablespoons of sugar. The recommendation is to choose portions with less than 5 grams of sugar, and instead of processed or refined, choose complex carbohydrates to achieve the balance that your body so desperately craves.

Kim is apparently already an expert at “playing” around with what she eats to fit her goals. In order for you to adapt as you go along, Heimowitz advises that you analyze what you're doing: track the amount of sugar you eat in a day, reduce it by half, and then decrease the amount bit by bit until you reach the recommended amount of 5 grams a day.

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