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Star fitness secrets

This is the surprising activity that keeps Eiza Gonzalez in such great shape

The Mexican actress goes rock climbing to keep herself fit

Totally owning a dress like the one Eiza Gonzalez wore to the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscars after party, a clingy gold Galvan gown that skimmed every curve, is no small feat. The Mexican beauty was one of the most stunning of the night – and we couldn’t help but wonder how she keeps so fit and red carpet ready. It turns out the Alita: Battle Angel star is one of the many celebrities who loves going rock climbing – an activity that has a dual advantage of getting you outside to enjoy nature AND gives you an all over workout to get you in shape.

The actress shared a video of herself wearing a safety harness (but no makeup!) rock climbing and enjoying her surroundings far from the glamour of the red carpet. Scroll down to watch it and read on to find out what you can get out of the sport.

Eiza Gonzalez leads the best dressed Oscars 2020 after parties©GettyImages
The actress looked amazing in her clingy silk Galvan dress as she hit the Vanity Fair party post-Oscars 2020

A classic rock climb, of course, consists in ascending almost vertical natural rock faces or formations and requires safety equipment that both keeps you safe and aids in your ascent. Rock climbers like Eiza will likely attest to the fact that both the views from the peaks and the satisfaction of having "conquered the mountain" are addictive.

It certainly can be a demanding workout with excellent results – hello, arm and upper body strength! – and the good news is, you don't have to be a professional athlete to get started. You'll need an introductory course in preparation, but with practice you'll acquire the skills and the strength to go on even more challenging climbs.

Eiza González mountain climbing on Instagram©@eizagonzalez
Eiza showed she’s a fan of climbing in a video she posted on Instagram

There are a host of benefits to climbing, including:

Musculoskeletal strengthening of the upper body (shoulders, arms, and upper back) and core (mid-back, lumbar, abdomen, and obliques). Hands and fingers, widely forgotten about in most training systems, also benefit greatly;

Improvement of motor skills and balance;

Mental health benefits: it helps in decision-making, concentration, analyzing situations, planning, goal setting and exceeding personal hurdles.

And, for moms and dads, for low-risk climbs and climbing walls, it can be a family activity – even your kids can join in!

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As with any new physical activity, you should consult your doctor first, and always use the appropriate equipment (harness, helmet, gloves, nails, ropes, climbing shoes, etc). Never go alone and always be advised by an expert in mountain climbing.

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