The diva uses hair clips for perfect bangs
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You can have JLo’s EXACT hair for less than $100

Discover Jenny from the Block’s secret to pulling off the perfect set of bangs

Hair is one of the most important elements of a celebrity’s appearance. Stars like Jennifer Lopez seem to change eye-catching hairstyles as often as they change clothes, going from a super straight bob, to wavy long hair, to bangs. How does JLo do it? Well, thankfully, her hair stylist has revealed the special trick that you can use, too.

JLo is a huge fan of hair extensions, and clip ins which allow her to switch from one look to another very easily. A style she keeps coming back to is one that beautifully frames her face without having to cut her hair: a perfect set of clip-in bangs!

The singer goes for bangs in one of her signature beauty looksn©@chrisappleton
Jennifer Lopez is always wowing us with a new look, and wearing bangs is fast becoming one of her favorite hairstyles

The go-to hairstylist for celebrities, Chris Appleton, revealed on social media that he uses hair clips by the brand Glam Seamless. The clips are human hair extensions that you can attach in a matter of seconds, and that can be styled in many different ways, from straight, parted to the side, or with a curtain-like, wispy effect, which Jenny from the Block tends to go for whenever she uses them.

That's how her hairstylist manages to change the singer's look quickly without having to bring out the scissors—a trick you might find useful if you want to follow the beauty trend of wearing bangs without sacrificing length, or if you'd simply like to try them out before making the serious decision to go for the chop for real.

These hairpieces have been a basic accessory for those who love to change looks often, and the good news is that they can be washed, brushed, and even dyed without any problems, just like normal hair.

Glam Seamless Clip In Bangs©Glam Seamless
A hair clip–like this one from Glam Seamless, the brand used by J. Lo – is perfect for something fun and different

Chris uses Color Wow on the extensions to adjust the color to how Jennifer likes it, but the brand offers about 20 differentnatural shades, with prices starting at $95.

To achieve the perfect set of bangs, the hairstylist to the stars recommendstaking your face shape into account, as well as the hair's texture and pattern of growth. And to get a much brighter color, he suggests applying Root Touch Up by Color Wow ($34.50, Color Wow), which covers up roots, imperfections, and even creates the effect of adding highlights.

Jennifer Lopez with bangs and long wavy hair ©@chrisappleton
Curtain bangs add a fun, fresh and youthful touch around the face

If you’re looking for a slimming effect, while adding a fresh and youthful touch, then go for longer bangs to frame your face and also lend a retro air to your look. The key lies in the layered cut and the precise separation of wisps of hair that must be carefully distributed according to the shape of the face. The result? Textured hair with volume and movement.

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