Katy Perry collage of different hairstyles
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Icy blonde to brunette hues: Katy Perry gives us some serious hair inspo

The singer is the ultimate hair chameleon

If you’re looking for a daring, bold hairstyle, look no further than Katy Perry for inspiration. She switches up her hair so often and so drastically that on occasion it is hard to recognize her; she has experimented with many different textures, cuts and crazy colors. Her radical haircuts and incredible coloring are an important part of her unique personal style. We take a look back at four of her best hairstyles, that’ll give you the inspiration and courage to try a new look at your next hair appointment.

Katy Perry with short blonde hair©GettyImages
Katy Perry is a chameleon with her hairstyles

Short, blonde and unapologetic: a very modern look

For the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Katy won over her fans with this short, bleached hairstyle. A look very similar to what we have also seen on the likes of Miley Cyrus and Charlize Theron. The short, messy bangs, platinum blonde color and bold cut are the perfect combination to show off how daring and modern you really can be.

Katy Perry copper hair©GettyImages
Copper tones are a flattering color for most skin tones

Copper-colored to light up your face

Back in 2015, Ms. Perry rocked this classic vintage hairstyle with warm coloring. A flattering color with voluminous, silky waves flowing down to the shoulder, this look, as well as being sexy, is very chic and loved by other celebs such as Emma Stone, Isla Fisher and Debra Messing.

Katy Perry with black hair©GettyImages
The singer loves creating a strong contrast between her skin and hair color

Dark locks to highlight your fair skin

For those of you who are very fair-skinned, darkening your locks is a strong look. Fair-skinned Zooey Deschanel is an expert at this, and Katy Perry did it in 2016. She wore her dark hair with blue and pink highlights, swept up in a shiny ponytail, in a short bob and even with bangs. We certainly love this 60s look she’s got going on here.

Katy Perry with a blonde bob©GettyImages
The bob style adds freshness to your look and is always on trend amongst celebs

Seductive Blonde Bob

The bob is the most popular short cut of our time, and the Firework singer definitely does it justice in this incredible blonde color, similar to the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Dare yourself to relive the most glamorous Hollywood era with your next hairstyle.

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