Eiza González with red lipstick and feathered dress
A fast makeover!

Eiza Gonzalez shows us her beauty routine, in just eight minutes!

Eiza Gonzalez has got her beauty routine straight down to a tee, based on well-hydrated skin

Eiza González claims that, “moisturizing is a key component” to achieving a natural and fresh beauty look. And she has good reason. The daily care of your skin is an essential part of remaining healthy, and it is so important to start with a radiant base for your makeup.

The actress revealed to Vogue how she achieves the ultimate natural look to start her day - in just eight minutes with a few simple steps. To get this look, the first thing to do is to apply moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and SPF, which Eiza insists is the most important part of the routine.

Eiza Gonzalez with a bob hair cut and natural makeup©@eizagonzalez
The actress looks after her skin with moisturizer to maintain a fresh and natural look

Next, the star of Baby Driver applies a base foundation with hints of yellow to balance any unequal tones. She admits that, “Being Latina, I am sort of in between colors - I have more reddish tones on my forehead, and more yellow ones around my chin, and my body is tanned but my face isn’t.” However, you can fix this with just your fingertips for a warm look. To seal and minimize scars, apply powder to your forehead, nose and chin with a brush. Then to highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose and cupid’s bow (the dip above your upper lip), apply a light touch of highlighter.

Eiza Gonzalez with natural makeup and long hair©@eizagonzalez
Eiza uses a touch of highlighter on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and cupid’s bow

The Mexican actress takes special care of her face. She brushes her eyebrows with a small curved brush, gently outlines them with an eyebrow pencil, and lastly, puts gel on them to get the thick look. She then uses an eyelash curler to give her lashes the perfect shape before putting on her mascara.

The real trick is in the colors she uses to lighten her dark eyes: “If you have brown eyes like me, blues and purples will make your eyes seem more honey-colored. These are very good tones and such a good beauty hack. And greens too!”

Eiza Gonzalez with short hair and natural makeup©@eizagonzalez
The Mexican likes to fill in her lip color with peach tones

Her lips are naturally very pink, so instead of using nude colors which are currently trending, she sticks to a peach color, like her Age of Consent matte lipstick by Tom Ford - the same one she wore at the Oscars. And the final touch? You won’t believe it...Men’s cologne! She uses men’s Chanel No.5, explaining, “If you are a woman, you make the cologne smell different because your PH is different,”creating a unique scent. Perhaps now is a good time to start using your man’s new cologne...

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