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Her Workout Plan

Anna Kaiser takes us through Shakira’s workout routine that you can do at home

The AKT founder also reveals how the Colombian singer is motivated to be in her best shape for her job and kids

For the last decade, Anna Kaiser has been the woman responsible for Shakira’s toned abs and overall fitness routines. The AKT founder first started working with the Colombian superstar in preparation for her She Wolf video in 2010 (Anna has a cameo!) and now has been busy gearing her up for the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. “She is going to be incredible and deserves this,” Anna, who showed us some of Shakira’s favorite workout moves in the video above, tells HOLA! USA. “She's excited. She feels really good and really strong.”

Anna Kaiser, Shakira's trainer©@theannakaiser
Anna has been training the superstar for over a decade

Despite the many hours of rehearsals, Anna has been working out the mom-of-two off stage with her ‘Dance’ or ‘Tone’ techniques. “I was at rehearsals last weekend making sure that she had what she needed, and then actually one day was so long, we didn't start our workout until after the rehearsal at 10 P.M. in the Miami Dolphins training room,” Anna shares. “She is really committed and wants to feel her best.”

Anna does make adjustments to the workouts depending on the workload of the day. “If she's working on music production one day, we can really go crazy with a full dance interval workout for an hour and a half,” she says. “If she's in dance rehearsals during the day, I'm just going to give her that great 40-minute burnout so she can be ready and feel really strong for the day without getting too exhausted. It's not about showing up for an hour, two hours, three hours a day. It's about showing up every single day, whether it's 15 minutes one day or an hour and a half the next.”

Shakira's trainer Anna Kaiser©@theannakaiser
Anna says that sometimes her dance moves make into a Shakira routine

And while the preparation for the Pepsi Halftime Show with Jennifer Lopez started months ago, this type of training won’t stop once the performance ends. “The great thing about Shakira is her work ethic, and she doesn't train for a short-term fix,” Anna, whose techniques include full body workouts that combine cardio dance intervals with strength and toning, explains. “She really views fitness and wellness as a lifetime solution and commitment. She has so many things that she needs to be prepared for, and she always wants to be in the best shape of her life –she’s not just a rock star; she's an entrepreneur; she’s a mom.”

Speaking of motherhood, she and Gerard Piqué’s kids Sasha and Milan can’t resist spending quality time with the Waka Waka singer and Anna. “The workout is definitely her time, but the kids do come in, and she loves being with them,” Anna admits. “They'll pull off her shoe, and she's still going. You just make it work, #momlife. We all do it, and there are days where she can really zone in and focus on her workout, and there are days where it's just really fun to make it all happen.”

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One thing always remains the same – the drive and discipline in everything La Tortura singer does never waivers. Well, maybe when a sweet treat is involved. Anna, who has AKT Studios in NYC, Miami, Denver to name a few, says, “She loves chocolate, so we always try and have some healthy chocolate options that are very low in sugar so that you don't get that crazy sugar rush and then your energy drops.”

Tune in Sunday to Super Bowl LIV, and we can guarantee one nonstop, energetic 15-minute performance –and hopefully Anna will be waiting for her on the other end with an AK-approved cake – afterall, it will be Shak’s 43rd birthday!

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