ANISA Beauty Founder Anisa Telwar Kaicker
Awakening Approach

ANISA Beauty founder on why skincare brushes help you reveal cleaner, healthier skin

Do you use skincare brushes?

Start the new year with an elevated routine! As the skincare industry continues to evolve with different ingredients, groundbreaking techniques and tools such a jade rolls, there’s a beauty boss onto a bigger concept. Meet, the Founder of ANISA Beauty, Anisa Telwar Kaicker who made it her mission to enhance the world’s beauty routine one brush at a time. Be ready to take your cleansing experience to the next level with these one-of-a-kind tools. Keep reading to find out how she got her start and the benefits of using these applicators.

HOLA! USA: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date related to beauty?

Anisa Telwar Kaicker: The most important lesson I’ve learned is to keep it simple, while still being you (no matter what trend is), and to always make an effort. For example, brows are hot but not everyone has thick eyebrows, wants to micro blade or desires a “boy brow” look. Yet, when you put in effort towards your eyebrow look, you can easily determine and then manage what works for you. Once you find the right brand of powder, pencil or gel, you can learn to easily fill in your brows and set with the right color. Making that effort to learn about what works for you creates more confidence to take on the next trend in beauty.

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The mantra the CEO lives by everyday

We've heard about makeup brushes but there isn't much information on why skincare brushes are a necessity. Can you speak on why they’re so important?

To give you some background, I was 16 when I first started wearing makeup daily. In the early days, I would apply my liquid foundation with my hands. From there, I graduated to using disposable sponges and finally (and permanently) landed on using a brush in my 20s. When I finally learned and committed to using a foundation brush, I saw the difference not only in the application and flawless finish, but my skin health and appearance also improved; I was experiencing less breakouts.

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Anisa’s love language is makeup

Fast forward to now— I’m in my 50s, with decades of lessons and good habits around healthy skin care practices. It just makes sense to me that using a paired tool for skincare products will have more impact on application and skin health. Thus ANISA Beauty was born! We created specially designed skincare brushes with unique fibers, head shapes and innovations to apply your skincare without wasting the product and to limit contamination on the skin. I see a difference in how products can be evenly applied, layered one on top of each other for day or night and how much easier my skincare routine has become. I understand that this is a habitual, behavioral change in how we have learned and are accustomed to doing things. I (along with most women) never apply makeup with my fingers anymore — and I believe this should also be true for skincare.

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Create a flawless canvsa with these gems from ANISA Beauty

The first signs of aging within the facial area usually happens around the eyes. Can you give us insight into the eye skincare brush?

As you know, eye treatment products can be quite creamy or thick. Our Eye Treatment Brush is designed with a built-in scoop for you to pick-up product from a jar, pump directly from your bottle or add by a dropper without using your hands or fingers. It is just the right amount of product pickup so that you can apply enough in the corner, upper lid and under eye area. This brush ensures that the product is applied exactly where it belongs without waste.

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Elevate your regimen this year with these tools

What makes your approach to beauty different from the mass market?

I think beauty is meant to be lived into, to be explored and celebrated; the idea that we have to change who we ultimately are is short-lived. When we use makeup, beauty and skincare products to improve our appearance, they should be used in a way that still keeps you, you. So when you wake up in the morning after using beauty products, you should still recognize yourself.

I truly believe beauty is a journey— if your insides aren't happy, the outsides won’t ever be enough, no matter what you do.

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The 50-year-old founders’ fiber bristles consist of crystals

What do you want next for ANISA Beauty?

We hope that within the next year, ANISA Beauty can join the beauty community in an impactful way that really resonates with people — we want to have a say in the conversation. Our brand mission is to share information about ethically made products and to encourage women to invest in themselves and beauty practices that are long-lasting, instead of disposable.

We want to be collaborative within our industry as much as possible. We’re still a brand new company, but we’re taking strong steps in listening to our community’s feedback and sharing that feedback with our long-standing partners to help their offerings get even better. We believe we have a voice that needs to be heard in beauty.

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