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How Shakira is prepping for Super Bowl 2020: Diet and fitness secrets revealed

Shakira’s longtime trainer Anna Kaiser revealed how she’s working out on the road to Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl LIV is less than a month away, which means it’s crunch time for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira who are set to perform during the halftime show on February 2, 2020. Both Shak and JLo are currently in mental and physical preparations to give the public a killer show. Shakira’s longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser, spoke to Shape magazine about how the artist is getting her body ready for the epic show. According to the publication, her fitness routine involves some of the workouts offered at her AKT Studio.

Shakira and Anna Kaiser©@theannakaiser
Anna has been training Shakira for over ten years

The singer fits in four to five workouts per week and is mostly adding two of Anna’s four signature workouts, “Dance” and ”Tone.” The celebrity trainer describes “Tone” as "45 minutes of muscular endurance burnout", meanwhile “Dance” alternates between choreographed dance sections and strength intervals.

Aside from doing the dance-based cardio exercises, the Colombian star also has dance rehearsals added to her schedule. Moreover, Anna, who has also worked with Ashley Graham and Kelly Ripa, is keeping a close eye on Shakira’s diet. “I work with Shakira's chef to create meals and snacks," she said. "It's all about real food, she doesn't like supplementing. She wants it to be really good, fresh food and no shortcuts." Got that?

Anna is also keeping an eye on the Colombian singer’s diet

The fitness guru revealed she gave the Hips Don’t Lie singer an InBody Machine, which measures skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage. Aside from that Shakira is said to be using a heart rate monitor during exercising. "Knowing if your body is changing, if you're getting results, and how hard you're working in class is super important," Anna explained.

"I will probably meet her at least one more time and do a sort of intensive preparation, "she added. We have no doubt this will be a memorable performance for Shakira and JLo as well as their fans – we’re counting down to showtime!