Anitta plastic surgery

Anitta is owning her relationship with cosmetic surgery

The Brazilian singer also talks about finding inspiration from Madonna.

Anitta is getting candid about her plastic surgery. In her cover story for Ocean Drive Magazine’s October issue, the 26-year-old Brazilian singer opened up about accepting herself and owning the fact that she’s received plastic surgery in the past.

Anitta Ocean Drive©RIOCAM
Anitta got candid about her cosmetic surgery

“Everyone likes to say ‘accept yourself.’ Yes, I accept myself. Yes, I love myself. But I also love changing. Why would I hide these kind of things? Life is about choices—what you do, how you run your life,” she told the publication. “I like to be honest. It’s important to be honest because people understand that I am a regular person like them.”

She also added she’d be the first one to get surgery for her cellulite if she could. “What I cannot get done, for example, my cellulite, I just accept. Because there is no surgery for that. I don’t like working out and I accept that. But if they create a surgery for cellulite, I am going to be the first one to do the test, trust me.”

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In the feature, the Vai calandra singer also talks about her blossoming career. She’s worked with J Balvin, Becky G and most recently she was featured in Madonna’s newest album Madame X, an achievement she’s incredibly proud of. “To me Madonna represents liberty. She has this message of being whoever you want to be, of being free...I think that if nowadays I am free to work my sexual side, to be sensual and to express myself sexually the way I want, it’s because Madonna did.”

Anitta Ocean Drive©RIOCAM
“If they create a surgery for cellulite, I am going to be the first one to do the test”

Another leading lady in the industry that she’s linked with is fellow Latinx star Cardi B. The two previously revealed to fans they were in the studio together and it seems like a new collaboration is on the horizon. “She is really into Brazilian music, so definitely there is something coming,” she teased.

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