Jennifer Aniston has been a role model in beauty and fashion since she rose to stardom as Rachel on  Friends. Today, aged 50, she continues to reinvent herself and triumph in any project she sets her sights on.

The actress has not only been successful with her recent television projects but her debut into the world of social media resulted in a new Guinness World Record -  by reaching one million followers in just over five hours. And her fresh look and fabulous skin make her beauty routines and products the most sought-after knowledge by her followers. That’s why the fact that she has revealed one of them has made us very excited!

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In addition to indulging in spa treatments, Jennifer likes to follow home skincare routines

This time it’s the Vibrating t-bar ($195), a device from the professional makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, created to sculpt and contour the skin on your face, allowing serums and moisturizers to penetrate to the deeper levels.

“It feels so damn good to put oil on your face and just roll,” Jennifer admitted in an interview with InStyle. The luxurious roller, created by the makeup artist for celebrities like Emilia Clarke and Kristen Stewart, is made of 24 karat gold and vibrates as you massage it along your face, alleviating tension in muscles and helping to eliminate toxins from cells, according to the production description.

How do you use it?

Start by removing any makeup from your face. You can apply your favorite moisturizer, but just a little. Jennifer’s favorite is the hydrating lotion from Aveeno ($24.99).

The 24-carat, gold-plated, vibrating t-bar

To sculpt your cheekbones, you should gently press the bar against your cheek, moving it up towards your temple for five minutes on each side of your face. If you want to contour your jawline, you should gently press and move the bar under this area and from your chin to your neck, again for five minutes.

It can be used to reduce expression lines. To do so, gently stretch your skin with your index finger and thumb. Quickly slide the bar up and down in a vertical movement.

Add this device to your skincare routine, like Jennifer Aniston did, and the result may be a less tired, inflamed, and more toned-looking face.

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