Selena Gomez Halloween nails

Selena Gomez’s manicurist shares a step-by-step tutorial to create DIY Halloween nails

The singer’s manicurist shared a DIY video for his fans

Sure Halloween is about dressing up in your cutest costumes, but it’s also about stepping up your nail game. No costume is complete without a festive manicure/pedicure. And now, celebrity manicurist Tom Bachick (he’s responsible for Selena Gomez’s nails)has provided us with a quick and handy DIY Halloween nail tutorial in case there are no nail appointments open for you!

Selena Gomez Halloween nails©@tombachik
Selena Gomez’s manicurist revealed how to get her Halloween-themed nails

In the video tutorial posted to the nail artist’s social media, he is seen drawing ghost-themed designs. He painted two nails black (the thumb and ring finger) and the remaining three nails a light nude color. On the light-colored nails, he draws cute ghosts. So how exactly does he do it? He starts by drawing a white circle in the middle of the nail and then makes a sweeping motion towards the tip of the nail to create the ghost’s tail. He alternates the ghosts, with some on the tip of the nail and others near the cuticle.

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The manicurist, who has a famous list of clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Hailee Steinfeld, has worked with Selena Gomez over the years. And most recently, he did her nails for her two new music videos Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now. For the latter, Tom created a bedazzled French manicure that included shiny rhinestones to match her sparkly costumes.

Selena Gomez©@tombachik
Tom Bachik works with other celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie

Tom recently opened up about working with his famous clients. ”With my clients, and especially when we're creating nail designs or any type of art, I want it to feel like their personality,” he told E! News. “Their fashion preference shows off who they are, because that's what nail art is, it's a way to show off who you are. It's your personality and your style.”