Ariel Winter luce un cabello y piel envidiables

Ariel Winter's easy-to-follow beauty tips, from body to brows

The Modern Family actress' hair, skincare and makeup secrets revealed

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has some beauty secrets that we all can learn from, ranging from how she keeps her hair sleek and shiny to her skincare routine that helps her maintain a radiant complexion on and off the set of her hit TV show. Keep reading to find out her beauty tips and tricks that you can apply to your own every day regime.

Ariel Winter luce una piel libre de manchas©Getty Images
The Modern Family actress has some easy-to-follow tips to keep yourself looking radiant and put together

1) Always wear sunscreen.

Ariel revealed to Glamour that she has a beauty survival kit that she can't live without: mascara, lip balm, mascara and an eyebrow pencil, but most importantly – sunscreen. Keeping her skin protected from the rays became a priority when she was around 19 after she got a horrific sunburn while wearing a criss-cross bathing suit. "I had the crisscross tan line for nine months... I burned pretty bad," she told the magazine. "I hadn’t ever really burned before. So I realized sunscreen is very important for my skin. It’s just not one of those things that’s a fad. You have to wear sunscreen. It’s protection."

Ariel Winter disfruta del sol pero protegiendo su piel©@arielwinter
After a mishap in the sun, the actress says that sunscreen at all times is a must

2) Make sure your eyebrows are on point.

When it comes to an essential trick to get ready, the actress has a mantra: “Always do your eyebrows.” It's great advice as well-groomed brows, whether full and wild, or primped and precise, frame your face and give you a well-put-together appearance. To get Ariel's full, gorgeous brows, makeup artist Ash K. Holm has used Kelley Baker Brows' Brow Defining Duo in Medium.

Ariel Winter luce unas cejas perfectas©@arielwinter
Grooming her full eyebrows is also an essential part of Ariel's beauty routine

3) Use natural oils on your hair.

Unveiled as the face of Ulta Beauty's in-store blowout service in July 2019, Ariel told Allure that she puts "a lot" of conditioner on her long locks, and that she has also become a fan of natural oils, putting argan and coconut oil on the ends of her hair before. "I put it on almost every night," she revealed. "I braid my hair and I go to sleep like that. It helps keep it healthy for all the styles I want to try."

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