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Vying for a super derrière? Try these 8 exercises

Undoubtedly, the derrière is one of the parts of the female body that requires plenty of work to keep it in tip-top shape. Plenty of exercise is required and we don't blame you if maintaining the routine has become a headache. So we are here to the rescue! We will give you eight excellent exercises that will help you lift your buttocks and make them look simply amazing. The best part? You can do the exercises at home.

So, start working out for a celebrity body in 3, 2, 1…

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Squats are the classic exercise to lift the derrière

1. Simple squats

Squats will be your allies to get this sensual part of your body in shape. First of all, the traditional ones will be excellent for you. Just remember that technique is key. A bad position could affect the health and condition of your knees.

Your feet should be separated at the same distance as your shoulders. Lift your chest and tighten your abs and buttocks, so that the effect of the exercise is reinforced and you give your spine more stability. Always look straight ahead to maintain the position and before lowering the hips and pelvis they should be backwards. With all this under control, descend as if you were going to sit on a chair. Repeat several times.

And remember: your knees should never pass the vertical line marked by the tip of your feet. It's important that your weight is distributed on both feet equally.

2.Heels up

Have you already mastered the squat position? Repeat it for this exercise, but make sure to place your feet a little more open than the width of the shoulders with the tip subtly out. Proceed to descend by bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position and raise one of your heels, lower it and lift the other heel, alternating again and again.

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With this exercise you'll get a super derrière

3. Dirty Dog

Place your hands and knees on the floor, separated to the width of your hips, just as if you were in the position of the table. Lift your leg out, flexing your knees at a 90 degree angle. Alternate with both legs.

4. Legs up

Take the initial position of the previous exercise, but instead of stretching your leg sideways, take it as far up as you can. If you want extra work, place a little weight just where the knee is bent, squeeze and lift.

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You can do this exercise from a plank position or supported by your knees

5. Plank and leg up

Place yourself in the initial plank position, that is, hands and toes on the ground keeping the body elevated and forming a straight line. Raise your eyes to avoid getting dizzy. Lift your right leg bending the knee in 90 degrees. Bring the heel close to your buttocks. The sole of the leg that goes up must be facing the ceiling to further press the buttocks. Repeat several times, rest and repeat with the other leg.

6. Bow and kick

Time to get up. Separate the feet at the level of the hips and place your hands together at the height of your chest, slightly separated from it. Crouch down as if you were going to do a squat and bring one of the legs back and diagonal, keeping both knees at 90 degrees and behind the toes. When diagonal, rest only the toes on the floor. Pause and lift the leg to the side, as if you were side-kicking. Repeat, rest, and then do it with the other leg.

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With this exercise, your buttocks will be under test.

7. Bridge with one leg

For this routine, you should lie down resting your back on the floor. Flex both knees while keeping your feet on the floor. Completely extending one of your legs and with both arms at the sides and resting on the floor, squeeze your buttocks and push your hips up and down without touching the ground. Rest and repeat with the other leg.

8. Draw a rainbow

The initial position will be four support points. Extend one of the legs to the ceiling in a straight line and then take it diagonally (passing over the other leg) touching only with the tips of the fingers and squeezing your buttocks. Repeat and rest. Move to the other leg.

With this exercise, we finalize our list of eight recommendations. Now all you need is your commitment to train and, of course, if you combine it with a healthy menu, the results will surprise you. Ready to get started?