Jennifer Lopez Hustlers glow

Jennifer Lopez swears by this high-end bronzer worth $170 dollars

Anything for that JLo glow! Right, chicas?

When it comes to owning the radiance game, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is the official ‘Queen of Glow.’ For decades, the Puerto Rican powerhouse has been praised for her youthful complexion and radiance. Now, at 50-years-old, most would agree it seem as if the mother-of-two is aging backward. That’s why when she revealed her go-to bronzer, we listened and took notes. After all, who better to learn from other than the Boricua herself.

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Jennifer Lopez shows off her youthful radiance

Beyond drinking endless amounts of water and exercising, the World of Dance producer achieves her enviable glow with a high-end bronze blusher. During her ‘Promise’ fragrance launch party, the newly engaged beauty dished on how she gives her skin warm definition and glow. 

Jennifer Lopez attending the ‘Hustlers’ movie premier

When asked to name one product she couldn’t live without, the singer said, “There’s a Serge Lutens bronzer that I love. I don’t know if you guys know who he is.” While the Dinero singer describes her favorite bronzer as “nothing fancy,” the beauty buy, created by legendary French makeup artist Serge Lutens, costs a whopping $170.

Serge Lutens Beauté Blusher, $170,

The innovative technology within the product makes this powder extremely fine and light when applied on the skin. It’s available in two discreet and natural shades — a soft blushing brown and delicate coral pink.

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Next time you’re looking to make a splurge on yourself, remember you’re only one product away from that sun kissed glow.  

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