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Emma Stone or how to have natural-looking red hair

Although it´s hard to believe, Emma´Stone is a natural blonde. Luckily her colorist revealed the secrets for the perfect color and for healthy hair

Maybe at some point you have thought about switching to red, or you’ve already tried it with more grief than glory. And it’s not just a matter of your skin color matching your new hair color. The problem here is how to look after your hair when already dyed to make it look as natural as possible.

Emma Stone has the answer. Yes, she’s been a redhead for so long that we forgot she´s actually a natural blond. She owes this red and natural-looking color not only to her expert colorist, but also to a few basic maintenance tips that you are about to read.

“Maniac” Season 1 Premiere©GettyImages
Emma’s colorist prefers using semi-permanent dye to change the shades of her blond hair

Tracey Cunningham—colorist of the stars and Emma ´s hairstylist—said in an interview with Refinery 21 that it doesn’t matter whether you’re changing from blonde to red or brunette to red. What matters is that you are dyeing your hair and therefore, it will need care.

In Emma’s case, Cunningham uses Redken Shade EQ’s hair gloss treatment ($8.86). Remember that these treatments are semi-permanent coloring formulas, with no ammonia. They will give your hair a considerable shine and are applied as if they were conditioners.

Hair gloss treatment de Redken Shade EQ©Redken
The Redken Shade EQ is the product Emma´s hairstylist uses for that glorious tone of red

To maintain the results and vibrance of the color, the expert recommends using the Olaplex line. When washing your hair you should use Olaplex No.3, but the trick here involves more than just a simple application. You should leave it for an hour, like a hair mask. And if you’re worried about the time, Cunningham even offers you a suggestion: “You can put it in your hair just when you wake up, do your morning routine, and then take a shower and wash it out.”

Emma Stone con cabello pelirrojo ©@mararoszak
Emma Stone keeps her hair in perfect condition despite color changes

For the shower, she recommends washing your hair with Olaplex No.4 shampoo ($28.00) and conditioning it with Olaplex No.5 conditioner ($28.00). If your hair is very dry, she recommends the Redken All Soft line. And for a little extra shine after drying, nothing better than Redken Extreme leave-in spray ($21.00).

Productos Olaplex para cabello teñidos©Sephora
Olaplex is one of the product lines recommended by Emma Stone’s colorist

Finally, Cunningham reminds us that each case is unique when it comes to dyeing and getting results. So you may not find your “ideal color” the first time, but don´t despair, you will! It´s a question of keeping on trying, And remember that your haircut and style will also help you get the most out of that fabulous red hair you love so much.

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