Perhaps you're already familiar with it, as it has become quite famous recently on social media, but this ancient beauty gadget has earned its place in the makeup bags of thousands of women around the world. We are talking about the jade face roller. It’s time for you to learn about the "magical" effects that the users of this tool are benefiting from. The roller has been used in Asia since the 7th century for more radiant skin and it' still is as popular as back then. 

It is a cylindrical jade stone with a handle connected to both sides of the stone, allowing you to roll it across your face like a paint roller. Simply using it to massage the muscles  and stimulate circulation is enough. Voilà! The result is radiant skin that has been relieved of inflammation.

Fans of the device include model Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham. They all love this tiny beauty wonder. 

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Kendall Jenner massages her skin with a jade face roller

It’s the perfect gadget to use after a late night or if you wake up with puffy eyes, regardless of how long or well you sleep. Jade is a mineral that naturally remains cool when it touches the skin, hence the cooling sensation it provides. It is also said to have healing and rejuvenating properties.

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Experts recommend to keep it in the fridge or at least expose it to low temperatures a few minutes before use. This will not only improve its effectiveness against puffiness, but it will also help to eliminate toxins, making your skin more supple, and stimulating the face muscles.

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The double face roller will make your skin firmer, this is the Herbivore Jade-facial roller ($30.00)

Although it’s a simple massage that will only take up five minutes of your daily beauty routine, we’d like to give you some easy tips for a better performance. Both manufacturers and industry experts recommend starting from the bottom and moving upwards – from the neck to the chin – and then moving up to the mouth, cheeks, nose, and forehead. You should always roll it from the middle of your face outwards Finally, they recommend finishing with the area around your eyes.

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You can give yourself one of these massages at any time of day. However, just after getting up in the morning might be the best time to do it, especially if you’d like to reduce the bags under your eyes in the morning. Although it can be used alone on a clean face, you can also combine the use of the roller with moisturizers and serums so that these products are absorbed better into your skin. You can also use it after washing your face at night, to apply the beauty products you use before you go to bed.

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The area around the eyes can also be massaged with the jade roller

Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham have confessed on a number of occasions that they’ve incorporated them into their daily routines, especially to boost the absorption of beauty products. Remember, in ancient times, jade could only be used by kings and emperors, so be sure to get a product with a genuine mineral. You’ll not only feel like a queen, you’ll make this incredible beauty tool an irreplaceable part of your beauty routine. 

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