Thalía con cabello suelto, mirada penetrante y vestido negro

6 makeup expert's rules for applying your mascara perfectly

Learn how to use the mascara correctly and get Thalía's sexy and long eyelashes!

Many women long for curly, long, voluminous lashes, they want to exude confidence and connect with others in an instant. That’s how Thalía does it: in addition to framing her gaze with perfect brows, she makes the most of her gaze with very curved, dense, and defined lashes. What is her secret?

One of them is applying the mascara correctly. It may seem like an easy task, but halfway through the process, we might have to fight against those infernal clumps and out-of-place streaks that can interfere with the desired effect. Following tips from an expert like world-class Maybelline makeup artist Erin Parsons will help you improve your technique massively.

Thalía en close up con cabello suelto con ondas y pestañas alargadas©@Thalia
Thalía is a huge fan of voluminous lashes

Rule #1: Use an eyelash curler

This tool has been present in women's boudoirs for over 80 years demonstrating its effectiveness when you want to add some volume to your lashes. Using this instrument correctly is not complicated. All you need to do is place your eyelashes carefully on the pad, ensuring the curler is far away from the skin to avoid pinching it, press and hold for a few seconds, and when you have the desired shape, open the curler slightly before releasing the eyelashes.

One trick is to use it on three different parts of your eyelashes (middle, right corner, and left corner) for a more open, dramatic curl.

Rule #2: Say yes to the eyelash comb

Another tool that will help your lashes look perfect is the metal comb. Designed especially for lashes, with a line of very fine metallic teeth with cone-shaped ends, they adapt to the curved shape of the eyelid. Their function is to separate, comb, and define eyelashes before and after the application of mascara. We recommend using this instrument to separate your lashes one by one, giving you a clump-free look.

Peine de metal para pestañas©Ali Express
Modern curlers are a must-have in your makeup bag

Rule #3: Letting them dry is the key

Letting one coat of mascara dry before applying another is a good tactic to achieve a cleaner result. Ideally, you should apply it from the root, drawing the brush towards the ends in a zig-zag motion to achieve the desired separation. Before applying a second coat, wait for a few minutes, and then repeat this process as many times as you need to.

Rule #4: You really don’t need primer

The makeup artist told Harper's Bazaar that: “Personally, I don’t use lash primer.” This product is used to prep the eyelashes for a perfect coat of mascara, giving them density and length. In this case, the specialist recommends using a mascara that has a more potent formula, this will help to achieve a better fixation and more expressive lashes. You can try Maybelline Makeup Lash Sensational Washable Mascara ($5.99), Benefit roller lash super curling and lifting mascara ($24), and Nars Climax Mascara Explicit Black ($33.99).

Maybelline Makeup Lash Sensational Washable Mascara, Benefit roller lash super curling and lifting mascara y Nars Climax Mascara Explicit Black©Amazon
There’s a mascara for everyone, find yours!

Rule #5: Should I put mascara on my lower lashes?

Depending on the size of your lashes, the shape of your eye, and your skin type, this may or may not be a good idea. If you're looking to open up your gaze and make your eyes look bigger, giving your gaze a more impactful look, using this trick might work. Keep in mind that if your eyelashes are too long, your eyes will look droopy.

When you do your lower lashes, you should do so very carefully to avoid smudges that might look like dark bags under your eyes, and also take care to not mix it with your eyeliner. One trick is to use the mascara wand by moving it from one side to the other, carefully applying the mascara for an impeccable finish.

Rule #6: Always apply mascara before putting on fake eyelashes

Last, but not least, natural eyelashes must have mascara applied before using fake lashes. This makes your eyes as expressive as possible and allows you to see if there are any spaces to be filled in with the fake lashes. All this makes for a more dramatic effect.

Thalía con cola de caballo y pestañas largas de impacto©@Thalia
You’ll always look good with fake lashes

Remember that with practice, you will become an expert. Make sure you have all the tools you need to apply these beauty tips and achieve fabulous eyelashes like Thalía's. Do you have everything you need?