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Top tips to achieve the perfect pedicure at home

Learn the beauty tips that you can apply to take care of your feet like a true expert

Don't have time to get a pedicure? Don't worry, here at HOLA! USA we've compiled a handy guide to achieve the picture-perfect pedicure right at your home! Making our feet look perfect is easy, but only if you have the right tools. Follow these five steps and your feet will be red carpet ready!

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Follow these five easy steps for red carpet ready feet

So first things first—grab a tub with warm water, scrub, salts/oils, a fresh towel, a nail file, nail clipper or small scissors, nail enamel in the color of your choice and some moisturizer.

Step 1: Prepare your feet

Soaking your feet in salts or oils will soften your feet and start the pampering in an extra relaxing way. Remove the previous enamel and leave the area clean and free of any old polish before the soaking.

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It's always a good idea to pamper your feet regularly

Step 2: Cut the nails straight

A tip for not making mistakes when cutting the nails is to do it in a straight way. Cut with nail clipper or with small scissors and avoid oblique or oval cuts on the sides. Otherwise, you would automatically change the natural direction of nail growth and therefore the shape.

You can also reinforce the nail's look by filing the corners or edges carefully, starting with the thickest part of the file and continuing with the finest grain side of it. Perform straight movements in a single direction to prevent your nails from breaking or scratching.

Step 3: Remove cuticles and calluses

It's always a good idea to use a cuticle remover to soften cuticles and discard them easily. Cutting cuticles requires more dexterity and you could make some painful mistakes. Soak your feet in hot water so that they soften completely and calluses can be easily removed with the help of a file.

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Moisturizing is key for soft feet

Step 4: Exfolitate and hydrate

A good exfoliation to fully remove dead cells and moisturize the skin is key to make them smooth. You can apply a non-abrasive exfoliating product with a gentle massage throughout the area, then rinse and dry your feet. Hydrate them with creamy lotions with ingredients, such as papain or green tea to maximize the moisturizing and softness effect.

Step 5: The final touch

Start by cleaning any residue on the nails with nail polish remover and go about polishing the area to apply a first layer of enamel, preferably enriched with minerals and vitamins. Remember to use separators to avoid damaging the result.

Now it's time to apply your nail enamel with straight and ascending movements. Then apply a shiny dryer, and voilá! Dazzle with your beautiful feet!

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Each season brings its own in-vogue shades

When choosing new colors, try seasonal tones in coral, purple, light green, orange, or fuchsia. Here are some options: Essie 488 Fondant of you ($6.65), NARS Nail Polish Blue/Purple ($12), and Maybelline Color Show Sweet Clementine ($14.48).

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