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Thin hair? These are the mistakes you need to avoid

Learn how to give your hair the care it needs for a luscious, voluminous mane

If you have thin hair and wish to have luscious voluminous locks à la Sofia Vergara, you can start by avoiding some mistakes that may be playing against you. And because there's nothing safer (or better) than following advice from an expert such as George Papanikolas -renowned hairstylist for Matrix – we've gathered a few tips so you can start by incorporating good hair practices into your beauty routine.

From your haircut to the number of products you use and even how you comb your hair, these can be the main causes that prevent you from having the hair of your dreams. So, to prevent your hair from falling flat, keep these recommendations in mind and see how the results get you some extra compliments!

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The haircut must be favorable for your thin hair

A favorable haircut

Having a haircut that plays in our favor will help us enhance fine hair remarkably. This is why Papanikolas -in an interview with Byrdie- states that: "Fine hair should be kept at shoulder height or shorter, with very few layers to keep its bounce and shape." It is adviced not to wear it too long and to keep layers at a minimum as otherwise, it may look frayed and fibrous. The main mistake is not to cut it because we lose structure and movement.

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LTo avoid weighing it down or making hair look too heavy, the application of products should be moderate

Using too much product

While it's true that a hint of volumizer or texturizer can help lift thin hair, too much of it can be counterproductive. Hence, the expert recommends using half of the suggested amount of these hair products to avoid heavy looks.

As for conditioners, you can apply just a bit on the tips to keep your hair hydrated, since "the use of conditioner on the roots adds weight and flattens the hair." You don't want your mane to look heavy and greasy.

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Combing and drying the hair correctly will be key

Comb your hair correctly

Another no-fail trick is to use the correct brush when combing your hair, preferably round to separate the hair from the roots and gain some elevation. George advises: "You should brush the roots to get an extra boost. Simply wind the hair around the brush and lift it to defy gravity and weakness." Avoiding any action such as combing or drying your hair too much will avoid for it to look flat or heavy.

So make no mistakes! Add these tips into your daily hair routine and get the voluminous mane you've always wanted.

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