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Follow Blake Lively's tips for perfect hair all year round

Get red carpet-ready hair all year round by following the simple advice offered by actress Blake Lively's stylist Rod Ortega

The change of season always brings challenges when it comes to keeping your hair at its best, and wavy locks need special care. Blake Lively shows us how to get red carpet-ready hair whatever the weather.

The secret lies in the hands of stylist Rod Ortega, who helps the actress have hair to die for. During an interview with W magazine, he revealed Blake’s main beauty secret, which he recommends to all his clients: change your shampoo according to the season.

Rod Ortega is the man behind Blake Lively's perfect mane

Probably, most of us fall into the category of people who stick with the same shampoo and don’t think about switching when the season changes. If this is you, read on for Rod's reasons why you need to kick that habit.

“It’s always good to switch shampoos every once in a while. You could do a volumizing shampoo in the winter because you might be wearing a lot of hats, or a nice moisturizing, hydrating shampoo during the summer because there’s more sun,” the stylist explains.

Blake shows off her perfect hair

The secret to beautiful hair and a fabulous hairstyle begins with the washing process, something Chris Appleton agrees with. Chris is stylist to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana Grande, among others.

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Chris Appleton styling Kim Kardashian


It's important to decide how often to wash your hair. According to Rod Ortega, every two days on average is ideal. However, he acknowledges there are those with oily hair who may need to wash every day, and others who look great washing only every three days. It depends on your “body chemistry,” says the stylist.

Some of us can even benefit from using dry shampoo applied to the roots to delay washing.

Jennifer Lopez poses with stylist Chris Appleton

Don’t be afraid to try a different shampoo at different times of the year. That way you'll have one more reason to get excited about the change of season.   

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