Scalp care

Goodbye impurities: the healthy treatment that your scalp needs

Like the rest of your skin, this area requires specific care in order to have a strong and healthy mane.

Maintaining a healthy scalp is a task that goes beyond a simple shampoo and conditioner wash. According to experts, these products are not enough to remove the remains of sweat, grease and other residue that can accumulate in this area.

Yes! It is also possible to exfoliate your scalp, just as you do with your face and the rest of your skin. The benefits will be evident in your hair: more shine and strength in addition to saying goodbye to any and all impurities. 

So what can one do to help maintain a clean scalp and clutterfree roots? Consider the possibility of exfoliation routine, that scrubs the area once a week, every fifteen days or at least once a month (depending on the sensitivity of your scalp).

A scalp that is free of residues and grease contributes to a healthy hair growth

Oxygenation and growth

Are you always worrying about your hair? If yes (like many of us), giving your scalp a helping had can help promote healthier hair overall -- which means more good hair days!

Finding the right exfoliation product and the right routine for your hair can help give your roots a little extra love every month and produce a much healthier shine.

Still wondering why you should exfoliate? Simple: it helps to regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and prevent possible irritations caused by residues of chemical products, such as dyes or lacquers.

By removing dead cells and cleaning the impurities that prevent normal hair growth, you will allow the scalp to breathe a little easier and help make hair follicles decongested, which will result in better hair growth with thicker and more resistant strands.

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There are specific hair products that provide a gentle exfoliation: always look for the one that suits your hair type best

Look for specific products

Scalp exfoliation is ideal for oily or weakened hair due to the use of dyes and discolorations. It also serves as a treatment in case of dermatological conditions such as dandruff.

But you can't use just any product, look for a scrub that was specifically created your hair type and the sensitivity of your scalp. There are many variations that range from soft formulas to thicker formulas and they come in pre-treatments, masks or shampoos.

Mizani Scalp Care Exfoliating Pre-Treatment, $25.60, is a good option that will allow you to eliminate excess grease, dead cells and other impurities. Use it before shampooing to help calm dryness, irritation and itching thanks to the combination of ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil and eucalyptus. Salicylic acid is its star ingredient and helps get rid of waste.

You will feel the difference once you release your scalp from its impurities 

Find out how to apply it

Controlling grease, purifying the root and strengthening the hair are some of the many benefits of scalp exfoliation. Applying a scrub is easy and you can do it at home, but first take some time to read the instructions of the selected pre-treatment, mask or shampoo. In addition, keep in mind your hair type to determine the frequency of use.

Usually, they are applied before you shampoo your hair. To proper exofoliate, you must wet your hair and divide it into sections as you apply the product to the roots. Massage gently with the fingertips and let it set for a few minutes. 

Remove the product with plenty of water and continue with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.

Homemade treatment

If you prefer a natural and homemade treatment, you can combine soft granulated sugar and aloe vera to create your own hair scrub, an option for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

You should also know that there are silicone combs created to help remove residue as well as stimulate the scalp and activate circulation in order to strengthen your hair.

Now understand the importance of using scalp scrubs as part of your regular haircare routine, when will you start?

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