This is Scarlett Johansson's secret to maintaining her curvy silhouette

Discover where the 'Avengers' actress got the inspo for maintaining her figure

For a proper fitness plan to work, we must establish what our main objective is: do we want to lose weight; tone our physique; gain muscle mass and so on. Having this in mind, will help us define our training program, our diet plan and even decide how much time we will be devoting to achieve these goals. If what you are looking for is to emphasize your curves and look strong, you must check Scarlett Johansson's fitness strategy to obtain an Avengers-like body.


To help get the Her actress into tip-top shape, she hired a personal trainer to get her body to the level superheroine level. And just like many of us today seeking to mirror Scarlett's Black Widow physique, her inspiration for her character was to emulate Linda Hamilton’s body type from her character Sarah Connor in the famous classic 1991 film Terminator 2 (according to her personal trainer Eric Johnson in an interview with Harper's Bazaar).

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Being a Marvel heroine demands lots of training

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In Linda’s case, she had to lose twelve pounds of her already slim figure and she went on a strict diet for three months, training for three hours a day, six days a week. Her training included Judo and close combat with a former Israeli secret service agent. On the other hand, the plan followed by Scarlett was to prepare as if it were an Olympic competition. The emphasis of the plan was to achieve high performance level so that the results reflected on her body, so she and her trainer created a varied program that included strength training and cardiovascular activity.


The Isle of Dogs actress incorportated functional training — exercises performed with the weight and dynamics of the body itself to stimulate large muscle groups: push-ups, pistol squats (or single-legged squats), and bear walking are some of Scarlett's favorites exercises.

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Deadweight lifting accelerates muscle toning

Strength work with Olympic and Russian weights help with the acceleration of the metabolism as well as gaining muscle mass and strength. Deadweights, military presses and kettlebells swings are some exercises included in the Marvel heroine’s routines.

She also included plyometric exercises — jumps of all kinds, which involve a lot of speed and power during the execution. Jumps are made with one foot and then with both (think hopscotch), high jumps, rocking and sudden and rapid vertical and horizontal displacements. These require exercises require good physical condition and awareness to prevent injuries.


Yoga is another practice that she incorpoarted into her routince and is something that she has practiced for years. Yoga helps improve elasticity, strength and concentration.

Scarlett and her trainer also included gymnastics into their sessions which were designed to improve coordination, elasticity and mobility. “We work not just to challenge her body to adapt, but also to stimulate her mind,” shared Eric.

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Physical and mental speed were part of the goals in their conditioning strategy

Food strategy

No fitness routine is complete without a progressive and smartly planned nutritional regimen paired with the physical preparation. The Ghost in a Shell actress' diet was very intense and she adopted carbohydrate loading and unloading techniques, which included days with a lot of carbohydrate and little fat intake and days with the inverse combination. In these programs, protein intake remains the same.


She also adopted intermittent fasting. Her trainer Eric revealed, “At times we go from 14 to 15 hours, depending on the filming schedule.” Although many people apply fasting to lose weight, Scarlett fasted to increase her muscle mass and toning.

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Healthy food and fitness strategies are the keys to achieve the desired body

To practice these diets it is advisable to always consult with a specialized doctor so that they can create a personalized program, since not all bodies function the same way. It may even be necessary to make certain adjustments after a few weeks to achieve your goal, but this can definitely be a plan to consider when designing the strategy you will follow to achieve the curves and toning of your dreams.

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