Katy Perry has entered her 30s and she is still as youthful, carefree and glowing now as she was when she entered the music industry. Which makes us wonder: what is her beauty secret? In recent interview with SELF magazine, Orlando Bloom’s fiancé revealed some of the tips and tricks she uses to maintain healthy and beautiful.


The songstress admitted that she no longer possesses the same amount of 'bounce back' after a wild night out that she did when she was younger. She also admits that she is very interested in healing trends that are based on Ayurveda: a form of Indian traditional medicine that aims to achieve a body-mind-spirit balance. She also shared another coveted secret to her wellness routine that she has used forever: apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar, which is highly recommended by Katy Perry, is considered a ‘smart food’


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One of the characteristics of the Ayurvedic food pratice is to consume whole or barely processed foods — in other words, one must eat consciously. However, this food trend is not something that is new for the for the Roar singer, as she admits that her mother has always encouraged a healthy lifestyle.

“My mom made sure that all that entered my body was good.”

Katy Perry shared that she has always been in the habit of consuming many vegetables, in addtion to apple cider vinegar, a habit that has helped allow her to maintain a healthy immune system throughout the years.


One of the many shared interests that she and her future hubby share is their love for 'detox' drinks, which falls in line wither her practice of consuming natural additive-free products. She recommends grabbing pure unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, if you are choosing to follow this health tip.

The couple will invest in a company that produces organic apple cider vinegar

Needless to say, there are many added benefits that go with including apple cider vinegar into your routine (regardless of what any celebrities might say). Expert nutritionists state that the benefits incurred from the consumption of this type of drink are countless.


This almost miraculous liquid helps perform immunological functions: it can help regulate blood sugar levels, appetite control and aide in digestion. Its antibacterial properties favor the reduction of infection risks and can help soothe throat discomfort.

One of its benefits is to regulate the pH of the blood, as it eliminates toxins and controls cholesterol

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Using apple cider vinegar on your hair and nails also adds strength and shine thanks to its multiple curing properties — so, you don't think to hard about it before jumping on the train. Apple cider vinegar may not be the most desirable option to replace a cold and refreshing drink, but the many beneficial attributes it posesses come highly recommended by Katy Perry herself.

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