Emilia Clarke's go-to beauty tool is something that she keeps in her fridge

The English actress has a beauty trick that helps her always look flawless

Emilia Clarke shared that she keeps her biggest beauty tool in the most unexpected of places — her fridge! This Game of Thrones actress shared in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine that her go-to beauty tool, which she uses to combat signs of fatigue, is an ice roller that she keeps in her fridge. Although ice rollers are not made of ice, they are facial massagers that get cooled in order to get all the benefits of facial massages and low temperatures in one place (or item).

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Emilia Clarke has a smooth facial skin thanks to her beauty ice roller tool

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Ice rollers, a new trend in skincare

Growing up, we always heard from our abuelas say that wrapping a piece of ice within a clean cloth was a great home remedy to help remove undereye puffiness and close up pores. Now it seems that the beauty industry is taking a page out of our abuela's book and offering tools that can address the same issues.

The Last Christmas actress shared that facial massages using the cold rollers can help 'sculpt your face.’ “When you look a little swollen by the morning (or you had a great time the night before), this trick literally ‘sucks your face out.’”

Benefits of ice rollers

Cold temperatures applied to the skin cause vasoconstriction (contracting of the pores and blood vessels) within the skin. This creates a smoother and more uniform surface, if used with frequently. These treatments also help heal and reduce inflammation and redness, which is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

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Ice rollers help reduce inflammation and puffiness under the eyes

How to use ice rollers

For a general treatment, the important thing is use the roller across the forehead and temples, around the eyes, the cheeks, the mouth, the chin and then the neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage and help the skin regain its natural brightness.

For tired eyes and swollen contours, apply the ice roller softly around the area under the eyes to reduce inflammation. If your skin is irritated, use the device on the affected area to help relieve your discomfort.

As a great relaxing nighttime routine, apply the ice roller to the wider contours of your face, neck and chest. This helps relax the muscles in those areas as well as helps you to relieve the stress from the day.

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The Dual Jade Roller is one of the most popular options in the market

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Trendy facial rollers

Another very popular facial roller that is commonly used for at-home facial treatments are jade rollers. Some of the benefits of their regular use, depending on the brands, are removing the excess of fluid under the eyes, constricting blood vessels to reduce swelling and improving blood circulation.

Pink quartz rollers are also another popular alternative. They help increase blood circulation and soften the skin texture because they help reduce the size of pores. To achieve a greater effect, we recommend you to cool each of the rollers before using them.

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Emilia Clarke says that a good ice-cold face massage decongests your face immediately

Always remember to wash and dry your ice rollers after use to avoid bacterial buildup (just like you do with your makeup brushes). For a quick cleaning, rob their surface with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to keep them bacteria free.

To help keep her skin flawless, the famous Queen of Dragons does not need to live in a world of ice, but she adopted ice rollers as one of her essential beauty items, which keep her skin smooth. Winter is coming… do you dare to try cold?

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