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The Dead Seas is the go-to destination for all beauty guru — and it should be yours too

Calling all skincare junkies!

Let’s face it: Anti-aging is a major skincare concern for many women. While there are moisturizers that treat wrinkles and a plethora of serums that will keep you forever young, nothing beats natural resources. For centuries, travel-goers have raved about the age-reversing benefits of rubbing the minerals of the Dead Sea on their bodies. The long-lasting, youth-approved mud properties the holy waves are known for enhancing one’s complexion, smoothing out the skin, and detoxing the body. Thanks to the Israel Tourism, I was able to see whether this skin-loving body of water lived up to its hype. 

HOLA! USA's Beauty Editor experiences the rich minerals from the Dead Sea

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Flowing within the Earth’s lowest elevation, the minerals and ingredients within the Dead Sea provided me with five-star spa treatment unlike any other. As a skincare enthusiast, I was eager to see that within minutes of washing off the mud was the reduction of cellulite and hydration enhancement. The water’s minerals also provided is stimulation to my body’s blood circulation -- it was simply magical. In turn, it relaxed my muscles and nerves, making me feel calmer and less stressed. Talk about a 360-beauty experience!

The properties from the salty sea help with inflammation and anti-aging

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As the days passed, I found myself obsessing over my pillow-soft skin, as a result of visiting the Dead Sea. I couldn’t take the holy water back home with me, however, I took a piece of it with AHAVA’s Natural Dead Sea Body Mud. Formulated with the mineral-rich water of the Dead Sea, this $17 product is the perfect product for replenishing nutrients and minerals while detoxifying the skin. Infused with natural healing properties from the Judean mountains, the mineral-rich water also nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. If a trip to Israel doesn’t fit your budget, you can still experience the true beauty of the divine Dead Sea with this beauty buy.

AHAVA’s Natural Dead Sea Body Mud, $17,

Whether you're obsessed with beauty or love exploring new grounds, the Dead Sea is a perfect destination for all who want to experience it. Take it from us, you won't be disappointed! Be sure to visit, Israel Travel for all the must-see places in the Middle East.

What’s your favorite beauty destination? Let’s explore the natural beauty resources the world has to offer! 

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