Eva Mendes Legs

When it comes to showing off her legs in an elegant yet alluring way, Eva Mendes has it covered! YASSS! Take a page out of her beauty and fashion book, whenever you're ready to give the world some leg action. Recently the Cuban-born star posted a sensual image on her social media account showing off her gorgeous legs promoting her latest New York & Company collection. She embodied a true Latina queen from head to toe! 

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The mother-of-two rocked the Cassie dress in snakeskin and leopard print from the recent launch with the hottest split ever. Knowing how fabulous she looks, the 45-year-old beauty posted a stand-alone photo of her legs which were radiating. 

The Cuban-born actress shows off her glow-approved legs

Since leg makeup has been one of the biggest trends this summer, we’re predicting the Hitch actress used a body oil to enhance her skin. If you’re in search of a shimmer body oil, Patrick Ta’s Major Glow Body Oil, $52, has a luxurious scent that moisturizes and illuminates the skin from head to toe. Packed with Vitamin C, this beauty buy absorbs into the skin and supports a more youthful appearance. To enhance the body’s hydration, the product contains olive oil and squalene which moisturizes, smooths the skin and gives off a healthy glow without greasiness.

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Eva in her snake and leopard print dress from New York & Company 

To complete her beauty look, Ryan Gosling's lady kept her makeup dewy and glowing, of course, done by celebrity makeup artist Genevieve Herr. The gorgeous momma’s strawberry blonde hair went perfectly with her radiating vibes and we can’t stop staring at her. 

Let’s just say, Eva just became our #summerbeautygoals! 

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