When you think IVs, you probably associate it with doctors, hospitals and dehydration. It’s true, the experience of being hooked to the dripping liquid is to replenish your body with minerals and vitamins. But lately, companies such as Dripology are encouraging us to try it for more than medical treatments and empowering us to recharge ourselves with their at-home IV services. That’s right, letting the bright yellow liquid pump into your veins is the newest beauty trend that celebrities like Becky G are using to enhance their beauty and help their bodies bounce back!

We may have found Becky G's beauty secret, wellness IV

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The Mayores singer is such a huge fan of Dripology, she even praised them for helping her feel recharged after her travels. “I’ve noticed that when I see my Dripology fam when I get home after traveling, my bounce back is way faster. I’m hydrated, my energy levels are restored and I feel like myself again,” said the 22-year-old star.

That explains why the Mexican-American beauty's skin is always flawless and super hydrated! 

Becky's testimony on Dripology

The company's mission is to give their clients the boost of energy needed to keep them going. Their special formulated IVs are designed to target heavy hangover, jet lag, sports/workout stress, the flu, food poisoning, massive headaches, or general fatigue. Each hydration therapy is administered by an experienced and licensed registered nurse. Their services are tailored to be discreetly and professionally in the comfort of one’s home, hotel, business or exclusive event.

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The Power Rangers actress isn’t the only one obsessed with a wellness treatment. Celebrity makeup artist, Ash K Holm is constantly promoting the benefits of receiving the service. Ash is the magical hands behind Kris Jenner, Camila Cabello, Kim Kardashian, and so many more A-listers, therefore the drip treatment helps her keep up with her clients’ busy schedules.

Ash receiving the at-home service alongside her cute pups 

The brand offers IVs that are anti-aging, stress, travel and more. The beauty boost IV drip contains a formula of nutrients and supplements that flushes out toxins and gives skin, hair, and nails a rejuvenated, glowing appearance. Talk about a beauty revolution.

That being said, would you ever try an IV for beauty purposes?

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