The Estée Lauder Companies Brand Builders


Meet the Latina brand builders driving growth at the most beloved beauty brands

These inspiring Latina executives from The Estée Lauder Companies are helping drive growth for some of the most beloved prestige beauty brands in the world. “The hard-driving performance culture at The Estée Lauder Companies really speaks to me," Kimberly Villatoro, Executive Director, North America Marketing, Smashbox tells HOLA! USA. "As the child of immigrant parents, I’m accustomed to that hustle and ambition.” Elizabeth Otero, SVP, Global Marketing, M•A•C also notes, “In any career, you come across a lot of hurdles. Reflecting on the confidence and empowerment that comes from being a member of a tight community of family helps you navigate through those difficult situations.” 

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Claudia Benshimol, SVP/General Manager, Estée Lauder & AERIN Beauty, North America adds, “Mrs. Estée Lauder was the ultimate storyteller. She was able to create authentic connections with every person who she touched. We are very much aspiring to keep that alive in our brand.” 

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For more from The Estée Lauder Companies Latina executives, watch this video from the trailblazers paving the way.

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