Diane Guerreo

When it comes to having gorgeous eyebrows, actress Diane Guerrero has got it in the bag. It’s safe to say the Colombian activist’s perfectly contoured brows continuously steal the show whenever she steps out. Recently, the 32-year-old Orange is the New Black star posted a sexy selfie on social media where she gave us some major eyebrow envy. Though some women are feathering their brows this season, Diane’s perfectly shaped brows are still everything!

 Diane all glammed up with her perfect brows and chic bob Photo:/@dianexguerrero

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During her days on the set of OITNB the star plays inmate Maritza Ramos, who is the prison’s beauty guru with her bestie Flaca starring Jackie Cruz. The dynamic duo even films super cute and useful beauty tutorials on Youtube during their time in prison. Therefore her killer brow game makes total sense.

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Luckily, we’re always looking for the best eyebrow products on the market, and at the moment we’re loving Tarte’s brow collection. The vegan brand’s Amazonian clay ingredients help minimize oil around the hair follicles to balance the skin and keep your high pigment in place. To mimic Diane's eyebrows:

1) Use Tarte’s busy gal brows tinted brow gel, $18, to outline your eyebrows in the shape you desire. Try going for a darker shade than usual.

Tarte’s busy gal brows tinted brow gel

2) Then use the darker shade of Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil, $21, to fill in the blank spaces of your brow. Use the comb to brush out your brows and gently apply soft dashes to give your brows more definition.

Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil

3) Now, to contour you’ll need a pomade. Use Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse with a brush to shapeshift your brows. Start by using the bamboo brow brush and lightly dip it into the brow mousse. Then begin brushing through brows using short, upward strokes. Use the comb end of the brush to smooth out your brows before reapplying.

Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow pencil

4) Lastly, try using a concealer or highlighter around the top and bottom borders of your brow and blend in. This creates a higher arch!

After all, your brows introduce you before you do!

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