When it comes to diversity and inclusion, several makeup brands are pushing forth a new vision, particularly as it pertains to beauty standards. Thankfully, women of color are owning their space in the beauty arena and using their platforms to change. Actresses such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas are championing behind brands creating products that cater to all skincare types and their individual concerns. Recently, the Indian star announced her partnership with Obagi in the SKINCLUSION initiative. The newest campaign is dedicated to celebrating diversity and inclusion around the globe.

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Priyanka shows off flawless skin with bare-faced selfie Photo: Instagram/@priyankachopra

I share Obagi’s passion for diversity and inclusion and believe we all have a responsibility to help elevate conversations around unconscious bias, which can create “blind spots” that hurt and divide us,” said Priyanka.

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The global company is committed to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its business – from its corporate to product development. Using the Fitzpatrick Scale to develop all their purchases, Obagi encourages everyone to take their online test here. This method was developed in the ‘70s by Harvard dermatologist Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD. He categorized skin into six different types of tones based on its response to the sun, or ultraviolet light. Check out the chart below to understand your skin type.

 Obagi uses this Fitzpatrick Scale to create their products

Priyanka dished some details behind her three favorite products from the line which are the Professional-C Serum 10%, Professional-C Suncare, and the Medical Hydrate Facial Moisturizer. For women of coloring, finding the best products that work for your skin color and type can be overbearing, but brands such as Obagi make browsing for new buys easier. 

 Priyanka's favorite Obagi products

Watch below how the brand is creating change in the skincare world one product at a time.



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