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Jennifer Lopez has attended several Met Galas, but this year’s star-lit annual fashion fundraiser was extra special for her. The Puerto Rican actress and singer turned heads on the pink carpet with soon-to-be husband, Alex Rodriguez, decked out in Versace. Paying homage to her late Versace tailor, Luigi Massi, the Medicine singer wore a hand-made gown with Swarovski crystals. The details behind the crystal-inspired gown were breathtaking with opal and macro-paillettes along with a dripping jewel headpiece.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at Met Gala 2019

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Following the Met Gala, JLo posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube channel where she teared up alongside a few members from Versace team. The newly engaged beauty dedicated her video to her loyal and late tailor, Luigi Massi, who passed in late April. During the fitting Jennifer got teary-eyed remembering her special moments with the Versace icon that dressed her for years.

Luigi Massi, Jennifer Lopez and Donatella pose together Photo: Instagram/@massiluigi

There are several moments throughout the video where Jennifer takes a moment to fix her makeup and take in the moment. Her long-time makeup artist, Scott Barnes, helps her touch up her captivating purple eye look and dries her tears.

Jennifer touches up her makeup as seen on her YouTube channel before the big night at the Met Gala Photo: Youtube

"Knowing Luigi was making this gown when he passed away. It's difficult, but at the same time it's also a celebration of his work," said Jennifer.

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 JLo and Donatella at Met Gala 2019 

Following her sweet kiss with her fiancé Alex, the Puerto Rican powerhouse thanks her glam squad and Versace tailors. "Good job everybody. It only took seven hours," Jennifer jokes after once she is fully dressed and again tears up thinking about Massi's jaw-dropping creation.



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