Céline Dion fans, rejoice! The 51-year-old icon was just named the newest spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris. That's right, the singer who gave us the soundtracks to our lives (All by Myself, My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love) is now going to be the voice of women empowerment. This marks the first time the Canadian singer has a beauty contract.   

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Perhaps it was her icon status, or maybe it was the fact that she has the skin of an angel, that played a part in her becoming the brand's new face, but one thing's for sure: Her history with female empowerment was a clear factor. “L’Oréal Paris has a longstanding history of supporting women in their journey to fulfill themselves according to their own rules and desire," said Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, L’Oréal Paris Global Brand President in a statement. "Signing Céline Dion as the newest member of the L’Oréal Paris family builds on our mission of aligning with spokeswomen who are strong, self-empowered, assertive, diverse and inclusive."

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He continued: "Céline Dion is a woman of innate self-worth – following her heart to achieve success, challenge stereotypes and trailblaze the path for so many other women – and fully embodies our brand mission of ‘Because I’m Worth it.’"

The singer is wrapping up her eighth year of her second Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace this summer on June 8, so this beauty partnership marks a new chapter in her life. “I'm at a stage in my life where I’m excited to use my voice to empower others to feel beautiful, confident, and to learn to embrace themselves," Céline said in the announcement statement. 

 target=VIEW GALLERY “I'm at a stage in my life where I’m excited to use my voice to empower others to feel beautiful, confident, and to learn to embrace themselves," Céline said in the annoucement statement

Ahead of the happy news, the 51-year-old singer took part in an intimate conversation with ABC journalist Deborah Roberts to talk all things women. She revealed how important it is to "look sexy." "Don't tell me that you don't believe that feeling good and looking beautiful is not helping you to walk sexy, and to have a focus and to have a vision and to say, 'This is where I want to go because I have something to say. And today I will be heard,'" she said. "No one can say, 'It's just hair.' Hair makes you feel sexy. Hair, makeup, all that. First of all you have to feel confident and very sexy inside; it's inside-out. But the things we put on ourselves — the cream and the hair color and the conditioner and the nails and the makeup and all that — it changes my demeanor. Feeling beautiful makes you feel strong, and feeling strong makes you succeed."

Besides making women feel proud and confident, Céline is slated to release a new, highly anticipated album later this year. Before then, we'll get to see her make her L'Oréal Paris debut when the TV spot premieres worldwide on April 22.

Another leading lady that recently partnered up with L'Oréal Paris is singer-songwriter Camila Cabello. The 22-year-old Cuban singer created her first makeup line aptly named "Havana" with the brand. “I wanted to create this makeup line with L’Oréal Paris because I wanted to create something that I personally would wear, and that I know people will love,” she said. 

P.S. Remember, you're always worth it!

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