Date night hairstyles: Are you a Kate Middleton or a Meghan Markle?


It’s important to feel beautiful when heading out for a date night, and hair and makeup choices can have a big impact on that. So here is some expert advice on the best date night hairstyles to give both your confidence and your evening a boost. There are two contrasting options each for updos and cascading locks – and to make your choice even easier, HELLO! has found some great examples in our some of our fave Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle signature hair moments. Which style suits you most?

UPDOS: Chic chignon vs messy bun. A top knot is a good port of call when it comes to going out hairstyles. “This style is super easy to create and can look as effortless and textures or as sleek as you desire!” said Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director and owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston Salon. “If you have shorter hair, a bun donut can be used to help create the style and can be secured with hairpins.” Celebs are all about the top knot right now and we love the effortless style of Meghan Markle's now-trademark messy bun.

Meghan's messy bun instantly became her signature look Photos: Getty Images


When it comes to accessorizing your look, there are a vast array of jeweled clips that can provide the perfect finish to an upswept date night hairstyle. “A pretty and delicate hair clip is perfect and adds a touch of sparkle,” said Dean Jones, owner of Dean Jones Hairdressing. “The simple addition of an accessory or two can transform your style and update your look whilst adding a sexy touch.” Take inspiration from Duchess Kate's gorgeous pearl-studded look that she wore in Malaysia.

Duchess Kate accessorized her trademark elegant updo with pearl accents in Malaysia Photos: Getty Images

LOOSE LOCKS: Sultry and straight vs romantic waves. If you’re more a fan of leaving your hair loose, then why not give super sleek, sexy tresses a try? “Super sleek, straight hair is another great hairstyle for date nights and is super on trend for 2018,” Suzie McGill revealed. “The key to this look is blow drying the hair straight and using straighteners over it to make it extra sleek. Finish your hair look off with some shine spray, oil or serum too for even more mirror-like shine!”

Meghan serves up a super-straight option, left, while Duchess Kate sports a romantic, full-bodied look Photo: Getty Images


If you prefer a more romantic finish, then waves – like the Duchess of Cambridge's famed full-bodied blow dry style – could be the way to go. “Part your hair to the side and style this using a paddle brush, as the base must be smooth and sleek and ensure the hair dryer is held downwards on the hair shaft to avoid any frizz,” the owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, Ross Charles, explained. “Pull the hair round to one side for a sexy edge and continue with the curling wand to create a full wave. This look is perfect for date nights and will add a touch of glamour to any look.”

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