Find out why Kate Hudson wants to rock a mullet after her hair grows back

After dutifully shaving her head for a movie role over the summer, Kate Hudson has begun thinking about what hairstyle she wants to have next. While appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, the 38-year-old actress confessed to Ellen about wanting to bring back a not-so-popular hair trend, and divulged her hilarious reasoning.

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“I was thinking of bringing the mullet back,” Kate said when Ellen asked if she had a certain style in mind for when she grows her locks back. “You should!” the funny host said clapping along with the audience. Kate added: “I’ve been kind of off my Snapchat game, but I think if I had a mullet I’d be really on my Snapchat game. So, you know, it’d be good for my social media presence.”

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The reason Kate shaved her head in the first place was for her part in Sister, an upcoming film from first-time director Sia. “I’m starting to go through the first awkward stage of the growing out. It’s sticking up and I have to put it down with product, so it’ll be interesting,” the Fabletics businesswoman said to Ellen. “Sia, the singer songwriter extraordinaire, she directed this film and it’s a musical and I’m in it. It called for me to shave my head and so I said, absolutely. Anything for Sia.”


Best of all, Kate revealed that her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa likes the short ‘do. “Yeah!” the Golden Globe winner answered when Ellen asked. "I hope our relationship can transcend hair.” The Marshall actress began dating the musician earlier this year. They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the L.A. premiere of her mom Goldie Hawn's comedy Snatched back in May.

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