Gina Rodriguez shaves her head for a new role: See her new makeover

Gina Rodriguez is taking it to the next level for her new role! The Jane the Virgin star debuted her edgy new hairstyle via Instagram. "Annihilation #AnyaThoresen," the 31-year-old captioned the pic, showing off her newly chopped tresses and buzzed-off sides.

Gina is gearing up for her new role in the sci-fi film Annihilation. Although it is unclear who the actress will play in the movie, which is set for a 2017 release date, it looks like she is already having some fun getting into the role. When complimented by a fan on her new look, Gina responded that she too "loves it."


Gina showed off her new look via Instagram Photo: Instagram/@hereisgina

Prior to showing off her new cut, Gina tweeted a warning to fans about her upcoming drastic transformation. "Easily 5lbs lighter. And I shaved my head. Can't wait to show everyone," she tweeted.

On Monday, Gina shared a picture of her slightly shorter locks before making the big chop. "Short hair, don't care. Ha Not true. It'll take some adjusting. I'll be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles," the post read.

It's no surprise that Gina is embracing her new look. The Golden Globe winner has been candid about body positivity and image. During an interview with E! News, Gina shared the reason behind all of her wisdom. "I grew up with two amazing people in my life," she said. "My parents were so phenomenal when it came to body image and to beauty and being very comfortable in your own skin."


Gina looked amazing at the Time 100 gala in NYC Photo: Getty Images

She continued when asked if she always looks so flawless: "I did not wake up like this. But I do love what I look like when I do wake up in the morning," she said. "I have that balance to know that I'm comfortable in my skin the way God made me and then I'm also comfortable getting did and having fun and playing dress-up and knowing that those two are different and being comfortable in both. It's very exciting. But also, we create body image. We're the ones who create. We decide. Just like we decide trends, just like we decide everything in this world."

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