Justin Trudeau shows off impressive core strength and yoga skills

Justin Trudeau is a true yogi. The Canadian Prime Minister has wowed us all with his impressive yoga skills. In a candid photo of the politician, taken in 2013, the 44-year-0ld can be seen casually holding the Mayurasana pose while smiling for the camera.

Despite being almost three years old, the photo has reemerged into the public sphere after a Toronto-based yoga instructor, David Gellineau, shared the shot on his Facebook page. Since then the image has gone viral with more that 4,500 shares and 10,000 likes.


Justin shows off his impressive yoga skills Photo: Twitter/@justintrudeau

This isn't the only time that the athletic prime minister has shown off his flexibility and love for the practice of yoga . In 2013, the father-of-three stopped and struck the tree pose for cameras on the front lawn of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where regular yoga sessions take place.

His passion for the practice is something the Trudeau family has been doing for many years. Talking to CBC in 2013, Justin discussed a photo from 1970, in which his father Pierre Trudeau can be seen doing a similar yoga pose . He said, “[I can't do it] on the floor, but I do it on railing and on the edge of tables, and stuff. I used to do it an awful lot when I was younger. Now that I've hit 40, I'm not quite as able to do it as I used to be.”

Justin posed on the lawn of Parliament Hill with his wife Sophie (right) Photo: Facebook/OneYoga

Perhaps, the charismatic politician has also been receiving yoga tips from his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. The 40-year-old studied Hatha yoga when she was younger and used to teach classes at a public school as a volunteer.

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